How to Become a Storm Chaser and Make Money From it

Have you ever come across those astonishing videos that make it feel like the storm is following you? It’s a strange feeling, but it is worth exploring.

These encounters with weather phenomena might be harrowing for some folks-but they also happen to pay well as professions go. That’s right: STORM CHASER—a job that entails tracking down dangerous tornadoes or hailstorms so they can watch them while risking their lives–is actually something people are highly getting paid for.

Storm chasing is the best adrenaline-filled job you can find. You will never know what’s going to happen next, and it’ll keep you on your toes, always wondering if a storm or tornado will show up around any corner!

Storm chasers are an elite group of people who live for adventure; they thrive off unpredictability while getting their fix from Mother Nature’s wrath with every passing moment.

David Hoadley introduced the art of weather forecasting in the 1950s. He started collecting insights about how the ever-changing and destructive storm systems are formed. His practice has grown over time into what we know today – an opportunity for professionals with passions in this field to pursue their careers.

Steps Required to Become a Storm Chaser

Getting Ready


Chasing storms is a dangerous and challenging endeavor. Fortunately, first, you can start to explore the activity under close supervision from an experienced chaser by joining a company for a few thousand dollars. This will help you take risks in your mind – and if you are lucky enough, it may lead to witnessing some of nature’s most beautiful sights!

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Required Education

The National Weather Services, like “SkyWarn” in the USA, provides in-depth training for those interested in becoming a severe weather spotter (Storm Chaser). As one might expect, extensive theoretical knowledge is required to excel in this unique profession.

Storm watching is not just about looking at the sky and seeing if a storm is coming. The training involves predicting how big the storm will be, staying safe from its effects like strong winds or lightning strikes, listening to weather reports for updates on storms headed your way, and using devices such as radios to stay informed of what’s happening outside.

Being a Storm Chaser

You’ve made it this far, and now you get to be a storm spotter! You will need to know the basics of what is happening in your area and report back on any changes. It can also be done as part of the National Weather Services volunteer program.

Tools Required for Storm Chasing

Here is what you need to do before starting your storm chaser’s job. Buy all the necessary pieces of equipment that are listed below.

Video Camera


The moment you experience a disaster, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools. A high-definition video camera will ensure that your story gets told in vivid detail and is not forgotten by future generations.

Digital Camera


Digital Cameras are great for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments you don’t want to forget. They also come in handy when amidst a storm, and video recording is not possible or even desirable. A digital camera might be the better option for those who want to record memories of their experience but don’t need high-quality footage or sound recording.

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This typically refers to weather detection and communication radio.



You’ll need a notebook/laptop for weather reporting and other day-to-day work.



Storm chasing can be an exciting experience, but it also has its challenges. Keeping food supplies checked is key to your survival and sanity with this type of adventure in the works for days on end!

For the storm chasers on a strict budget, it’s important to pack food that doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration.

Make Money As a Storm Chaser

You’ve been waiting for this one, we know. The first question is, how much can you make being a storm chaser? It’s a complicated answer to give. Let’s discuss this in detail.

From News Channels

Storm Chasers, also known as “Freelance meteorologists,” get paid an average of $500 per footage from TV stations and can enjoy lucrative earnings if they gain momentum in this field.

Reed Timmer has garnered a net worth of $250,000 by chasing storms through his work with Discover Channel alone.

By Accompanying Other People

This is another way of making money by going along with people that need your help in their expedition. You can charge as much as $3500 per person.

By Working in Organizations

Working for a company can be very rewarding. A Storm Chaser makes around $74,000 per year! On average.

Other Opportunities to Make Money

Storm chasing is a lucrative profession, with opportunities to do everything from locating and chasing storms, capturing breathtaking photos or videos of the storm’s rampage through your lens, writing articles about them – all while you’re being paid. But it takes more than just enthusiasm for Mother Nature: You need experience in meteorology and knowledge of how to use specialized equipment such as Radios and cameras that can withstand high winds.

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The storm chasing profession can be quite expensive. If you’re a freelancer, on average, you might spend about $14K per year on expenses such as equipment, accommodation, and travel costs. However, they can earn up to $10k in return, which is not profitable for them. A full-time job at a TV station may be better because you are likely to make much more than freelancing does but with less risk involved.

A Piece of Advice

Are you mentally and physically ready to drive for hours and not able to catch the tornadoes? It can be a bit monotonous. But once you come across the majestic tornado, it’s worth all the time spent driving! So, never feel disappointed being a Storm Chaser.

Final Thoughts

You may not have thought of it before, but now you know that no matter how crazy the Storm Chasers seem to be, people are following their passion and making money out of it. So why don’t you get out there and make your dreams happen!

Ever wonder what it would be like if your dream could actually come true. Well, no matter how crazy or bizarre that aspiration may seem, never let anyone tell you “No.” Because anything is possible! Whether it’s storm chasing through the countryside or playing catcher on an all-female baseball team…nothing should stop someone from following their dreams. They might find themselves living out even more amazing fantasies than ever before when pursuing these passions!