Best Harley Davidson Short Antenna

Top 5 Best Harley Davidson Short Antennas in 2022

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Every motorcyclist’s goal is to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle. They are regarded as the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry. Over the past 118 years, Harley Davidson has already been making bikes. High-quality materials, design, and construction are hallmarks of their work.

As a Harley Davidson owner, you should have always used the best accessories for your motorcycle whenever possible. The best Harley Davidson short antenna is a possible accessory. We’ve only included the highest-quality short antennas in this collection. Harley Davidson radios require an antenna in order to receive powerful and clear signals. Having a radio, music player, or speaking with other riders will be easier with this.

It’s taken us some time to put together this buyer’s guide so that you really can compare the many features, manufacturers, and pricing of various Harley Davidson short antennas for Harley Davidson enthusiasts. We hope our short antenna guide will help you make an educated choice.

Our Top Picks for The Best Harley Davidson Short Antennas


Product Name

Editor's Rating


KSaAuto 4.5 Inch Radio Stubby Antenna Replacement for Harley Davidson

5 out of 5

2 Pack 7-inch Spiral Antenna for 1989-2021 Harley Davidson

5 out of 5

KSaAuto H2 AM/FM Radio Antenna for Harley Davidson

4.5 out of 5

Top 5 Best Harley Davidson Short Antennas in 2022

#1. KSaAuto 4.5 Inch Radio Stubby Antenna Replacement for Harley Davidson (1998-2020)

  • Fit for all 1998-2021 Harley Davidson

  • Carwash Safe

  • Easy Installation

There are few antennas on the market as compact as the KSaAuto short antenna for Harley-Davidson. This is the perfect short antenna if you want something really modern and basic. The KSaAuto antenna, despite its diminutive size, is constructed with high-quality materials and can endure exposure to the environment, car washes, and perhaps even bending or other damage.

KSaAuto 4.5 Inch Radio Stubby Antenna for Harley Davidson

Knowing that this antenna is compatible with all Harley Davidson motorbikes from 1989 through 2020 makes it much better. Installing this small antenna does not necessitate the use of any special tools. To install a new antenna, all you have to do is unscrew the old one and screw in the new one. As a result of a problem with your antenna, you’ll be able to contact their customer service team for assistance. This is the ideal Harley Davidson short antenna if you need one that is really short.

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  • Compatibility with all Harley-Davidson models from 1998 to 2002
  • Improved radio reception range and signal strength;
  • Direct contact with a customer service representative;
  • No tools required to install
  • A short height of only 4.5 inches.

#2.  2 Pack 7-inch Spiral Antenna for 1989-2021 Harley Davidson

  • Premium Material

  • You won't need any tools

  • Perfect replacement

In order to boost your AM/FM radio signal, this is an excellent choice if you need a new Harley Davidson finest short antenna. As a result of its use of only the finest materials, this short Harley Davidson antenna is extremely popular. The antenna’s interior is made of high-quality metal and then covered in a rubberized coating for durability. The antenna is shielded from the elements thanks to the rubber coating. It’s also protected, flexible, and long-lasting, thanks to this. The rubber covering on the antenna ensures that it will not break or chip.

7 inch Spiral Antenna for Harley Davidson

All 1989 to 21st century Harley Davidson vehicles will be able to use this short Harley Davidson antenna. Finally, the dual spirals Harley Davidson short antenna can be fitted in 30 seconds without the need for any tools at all!

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  • Appropriate with Harley Davidson models from 1989 to 2021,
  • This product is made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to install with no special tools required.
  • Dual pack of antennas

#3. KSaAuto H2 AM/FM Radio Antenna for Harley Davidson

  • Fit for all 1998-2020 Harley Davidson

  • Copper Core & Screw

  • 3-Year Warranty

The KSaAuto short Harley Davidson antenna is a high-quality item made by a recognized company. They use only the best materials in the construction of their antenna’s small length. The antenna uses copper core and screws to provide stronger copper telephone wiring, reduced link failures and increased sound quality. The antenna’s outside is made of high-quality TPU rubber, which gives it a high degree of robustness and flexibility when bent without breaking or discoloring.

That now the KSaAuto short antenna will work with any Harley Davidson model year 1998-2020 is comforting. For this reason, you don’t have to be concerned regarding buying this Harley Davidson short antenna or about its compatibility.

KSaAuto Best Harley Davidson Short Antenna

KSaAuto is a well-known company that has produced over 20 various Harley-Davidson-specific antennas. If anything, it’s safe to assume these people know what they’re doing.

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Another reason we prefer buying from a well-known company is that they provide excellent customer service. In addition, KSaAuto guarantees a 3-year guarantee for any product problems that occur during the first 30 days of use!

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  • Sound quality and durability is improved
  • Installation is simplified with this kit’s 3-year warranty
  • Compatibility with any Harley-Davidson from 1998 to 2020.

#4. 7″ Short Motorcycle Antenna Compatible with Harley Davidson

  • Fit for Harley Davidson (1989-2021)

  • Premium Material

  • Stylish Look

In addition to a metal core, copper screws, and an extremely flexible rubber surface, this is the greatest short antenna for Harley-Davidson available. The antenna is shielded from the elements thanks to the antenna’s rubber casing. It’s a terrific antenna for AM/FM radio, but it doesn’t work with satellite tv or GPS, regrettably.

7 inch Short Harley Davidson Antenna

Modernize your Harley Davidson with this 7″ short antenna. Also, it won’t need to get in the way when you operate on your motorbike or while you see clearly. You may simply screw on the new short antenna with no equipment required! And you can ride, too!


  • This part is appropriate with Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • Manufactured between 1989 and 2021
  • It has a flexible rubber coating and
  • It is 7″ long.

#5. Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Harley Davidson 1998-2021

  • Fits through: 1998-2021 Harley Davidson

  • Low Profile 7” Stylish Look

  • Designed for either AM or FM bands

The Rydonair antenna for Harley Davidson is a modern, compact, and powerful short antenna. This 7-inch-long AM/FM antenna is incredibly powerful, boosting your reception significantly. This rubber-coated antenna is built to survive even the most ferocious storms and everyday wear and tear. It’s even got a carbon fiber bottom to keep the mount firmly in place.

Rydonair Harley Davidson Antenna

The short Harley Davidson antenna’s ease of installation is one of its best features. Adding a new antenna is as simple as screwing it into your current mount. You can complete the process in seconds! If you own a Harley Davidson from 1998 to 2021, you can rest easy knowing that the Ryadonair short Harley Davidson antenna will fit. We consider this short antenna one of the greatest Harley Davidson short antennas since it is small yet formidable.


  • Suitable for Harley Davidsons manufactured between 1998 and 2021
  • Extreme Durability and Climate Resistance
  • 7″ Low Appearance and Modern Look
  • Seamless Installation AM/FM radio is getting a lot of attention.

Things to Know Before Buying Harley Davidson Short Antenna

Before you buy the best Harley Davidson short antenna, take a moment to think about what qualities are most important to you. You must use the short antenna for Harley Davidson following the purpose you purchased it, such as FM/AM radio, GPS navigation, music streaming, or 4G LTE.

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Previously, we highlighted that the small antenna, as simple as it is, is a simple piece of equipment that enhances the style and technology of your Harley. You should take into consideration the following aspects before finalizing your purchase of a short antenna.


If you want a high-quality product, you should pay attention to the producer. Buying from a company specializing in Harley-Davidson short antennas will ensure that you obtain the highest quality short antenna possible. Choosing a manufacturer specializing in creating the goods you need and having a reputation to match is essential before completing your purchase.


Size is a major consideration when purchasing a short antenna for a Harley Davidson. Before buying a new short antenna for your Harley Davidson, take a thorough look at the antenna area. Some short antennas won’t fit on all Harley Davidson motorcycles, unfortunately. It’s common for sellers to specify the year and model of Harley Davidson motorcycles with which their short antenna is compatible. However, before making a purchase, make sure to check the new small antenna’s dimensions and compatibility with your existing long antenna.


The recent Harley Davidson short antenna should be built with the best materials possible. Short antennas made of high-quality materials are essential since the Harley Davidson will go out and be subjected to inclement weather. Your Harley Davidson short antenna must be able to withstand high temperatures, cold, rain, and snow.

For added protection against rust and water damage, invest in a rubber-coated Harley Davidson short antenna. As a final note, take into account what color the short antenna you’re interested in is. A short antenna in the same color as the Harley Davidson Bike is the best choice to ensure that it merges in seamlessly.

Types of Setups

Not only should you pay attention to the antenna’s dimensions, but you also need to pay attention to how it’s installed. You may erect most short antennas without the use of any tools! However, additional short antennae must be screwed on. You must make this decision based on your personal preferences and comfort level with each method of installation.

Final Thoughts

Harley Davidson bike antennas

It’s a fantasy for most motorcycle enthusiasts to own a Harley Davidson. This means that using the top Harley Davidson accessories is essential. A simple way to improve your motorcycle’s technology and appearance is to choose the best Harley Davidson short antenna. Consider the attributes stated above before purchasing to ensure that you get a micro antenna that meets your demands.