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Top 7 Best Under Cabinet Radios: Review

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Why not make your path to intriguing new recipes even more enjoyable by playing some wonderful music?

Nobody wants to live a boring lifestyle with no musical accompaniment. We can’t have that each hour of the day, of course. We can, however, make our homey hours a bit more enjoyable with some convenient entertainment solutions, such as an under cabinet radio.

This kind of device brings in the basic joys of life. While handling routine household tasks like washing dishes or wiping the counter, we might dance a bit in our heads. We get rid of our sadness by mouthing the words to our favorite songs while cooking a noodles dish!

Furthermore, these gadgets do not take up much room underneath the cabinet. Therefore, utensils used on a daily basis may still be kept here. In fact, purchasing a piece of thin and attractive audio equipment like this would only add to the ambiance of your kitchen.

So, have a look at the intriguing variety of multi-purpose media players we’ve compiled for you! Choose the finest under cabinet radio for your specially designed kitchen and enjoy every activity!

Here’s is the list of our top recommended under cabinet radios:


Product Name

Editor's Rating


SYLVANIA SKCR2713 Under Counter Radio and Bluetooth

5 out of 5

iLive Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio

5 out of 5

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Radio

4 out of 5

Tyler Bluetooth Under The Cabinet

5 out of 5

JENSEN SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Music System

4.5 out of 5

Things To Look For Before Buying Under Cabinet Radio

Music has permeated practically every aspect of our life. We like waking up to some early morning tunes, relieving tension at work with soothing music, and celebrating good times with some funky sounds.

So adding an under cabinet radio in the cooking area will undoubtedly assist in keeping your mind entertained as you prepare the delectable foods.

Although there are several possibilities on the market for this gadget, not all of them will meet your requirements equally. So, let us show you how to reduce the number of possible selections to a considerably shorter list.

These are the considerations you should make while shopping for the finest under cabinet radio:


First and foremost, determine how much room exists underneath the cabinet in your kitchen. You don’t need to limit your options if the space is large enough. Your selected radios might be as big and massive as you want them to be.

However, if the space is fairly small, the gadgets you choose must be sleek and compact in form. This will provide ample space in the kitchen for everyday tasks while still maintaining an attractive appearance all around.

AM/ FM Frequencies:

Even though FM stations are much more widespread, many people still listen to AM frequencies for various updates. Therefore, it is worth investing in an under cabinet radio that supports both FM and AM channels to have all of your choices.


Bluetooth connection should be available on every modern gadget. In addition to all digital devices we use daily, our household appliances should be outfitted with this technology as well.

 Bluetooth connection can be used by the radio under kitchen cabinets to play music or other audio from smartphones. So, if you’re tired of the music on the radio, you can simply connect it with your smartphone, iPad, or MP3 player and enjoy your favorite songs and playlists!

Frequency Presets:

Who wants to keep tweaking the frequencies manually over and over? Nobody! As a result, the most popular under cabinet radios have presets for your convenience. These are the specific frequencies that have been stored on your device for simpler and quicker access.

Once established, you may easily switch between them with the tap or push of a button. You may even be able to do so from the comfort of your sofa using a remote!


Many compatible radios are available at an affordable price and can be paired with various devices. They can play music files from cellphones, CDs, DVDs, tablets, and other storage devices.

It would be best to choose which of these actions you are most likely to engage in regularly. In other words, evaluate which one would be the best value as a brand new buy.

Some high-end devices are even designed to work as a small television! They come with an easy setup ultralight screen that displays all visual entertainment materials such as movies, drama series, video songs, and more!

Battery Backup:

With a power adapter, you can charge almost any under cabinet radio.  It is, nonetheless, smarter to obtain a gadget that has battery backup possibilities. This means that you will not be deprived of its functionality just because electricity is unavailable for a short period.

This element is significant in the final buying choice in places where power outages are frequent.


Nobody enjoys squinting their eyes right after they check the time or the radio station. So, in conclusion, you should invest in a device that does not need such a decent attempt merely to read a screen.

As a result, ensure that the screen on your under cabinet radio is easy to read. That is, you can read the numbers on it as soon as you look at the screen. In addition, large lettering, high contrast colors, and the use of a backlight usually make a display readily viewable.


Mounting an under cabinet radio should be simple. However, it is made simpler if the item package includes installation gear. This usually refers to the installation kit, which contains spacers and screws.

Our Top 7 Best Under Cabinet Radios in 2021

1. SYLVANIA SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player with Clock Radio and Bluetooth

Sylvania includes this handy tiny music player to make each cooking journey even more enjoyable. All you need to do is place it underneath the cabinets for convenient access! It is quite easy to set up this gadget. Simply use the included installation kit to fix it underneath the surface of your kitchen cabinet.

It doesn’t take much to get it going. You’ll just need an AC plug to get started, and you can store the charge for later with the battery backup option. So, even if your place is without electricity, you may still listen to the radio for music, news, and other similar updates.

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Using Bluetooth connections, link it to any smart device. For example, while cleaning the dishes, listen to your favorite songs or a whole playlist on your phone or tablet. That’s how the kitchen cabinet radio makes even the busiest working entertaining!

You can easily listen to music and the news. It has built-in amplifiers that provide high-quality music with exceptional clarity.

There’s no need to get up or go to the radio every moment you want to change the station or adjust the volume. To use the equipment from a distance, just have the remote control nearby. The remote is included in the box, so you won’t have to buy it individually.

The high-contrast LED display makes it easy to see the current station frequency. The huge black numerals stand out against the blue backdrop.

If you like listening to AM channels, please note that this model does not support AM frequencies. To improve reception on FM stations, readjust the built-in antenna until you are comfortable with the signal quality.


  • Bluetooth communication is supported.
  • Built-in speakers amplify the delightful music from FM and other sources.
  • The LED display makes the information easy to read.
  • For easy setup, a mounting kit is supplied.
  • It is simple to use with the full-function remote control.

2. iLive Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio (FM) CD Player and MP3 player

Leave it to iLive radio to brighten your day! It will join you in your everyday tedious cooking activities by infusing musical delights into each meal! Its small body fits nicely beneath the cabinet.

This radio is an excellent alternative for anybody with a tiny kitchen and limited room around the cabinet. It doesn’t take up any room on its own. The radio’s sleek black and silver style just add to the cabinet space.

This gadget allows you to listen to your favorite music channels. In reality, iLive already ensures this by embedding 20 pre-programmed FM channels into the radio. So, even if you don’t know where to begin, you’ll have plenty of possibilities to choose from.

Furthermore, you will be kept up to date on the latest news, weather, and traffic conditions.

In addition to FM material, you may listen to a variety of other auditory stuff here. It may be a CD you’ve been saving for years.

Using Bluetooth connections, you may play music from other connected phones. Alternatively, you may just store all of your favorite songs on a USB and listen to them on the radio.

The LCD display makes it simple to read all of the necessary information. In addition, it displays the current time and activates any timers essential for your recipe to function.

With its remote control, you can keep all of these functions in the palms of your hand. To operate, this radio needs an AC/DC power connector and two AA batteries for backup power.


  • The wireless design is compact and suited for small kitchen settings.
  • Music can be played through USB, CD, Bluetooth, or broadcast FM radio.
  • It comes with 20 pre-programmed FM stations.
  • With the provided mounting kit, installation is straightforward.
  • There includes an LCD, a timer, a digital clock, and remote control.

3. Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Although it seems to be a bit older and heavier than many of the items featured here, the Sony ICFCDK50 has a lot of sophisticated technology.

It features a bass reflex system, for example. When you play music on it, this is responsible for producing very rich and deep bass tones. As a consequence, you can provide your ears with a much more enjoyable sound experience than others.

Even though smartphones are not supported by the radio, songs from digital music players may be played here. This is made feasible by the inclusion of a built-in audio wire. In addition, this device also serves as a CD player, accepting burnt CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

This radio can browse both AM and FM channels. So, listen to your favorite programs and store up to 15 of them as presets. Then, you won’t have to tweak the frequency to find your favorites again manually!

By adding remote control, it gives a considerably more convenient user experience. For example, you may now change radio stations, volume, and other settings without having to move all the way to it. In addition, because the controller is magnetic, you can simply stick it to the fridge for quick access.

If your recipe needs some time to prepare, you can keep track of the time with its one-touch kitchen timer! The countdown is activated by just touching the screen, as the name indicates.

Sony has been around long enough to learn precisely what characteristics would produce the ideal under cabinet radio. As a result, this model of Sony radio has proved to be one of the most popular options for buyers.

This radio, however, comes at an expensive amount. So make sure you have enough money to spend on it.


  • The bass reflex mechanism produces a rich and deep sound.
  • The built-in audio wire is compatible with digital music players.
  • Allows for a total of 15 settings in both AM and FM stations.
  • The magnetic remote control simplifies operation.
  • With a single touch, the cooking timer is activated.

4. Tyler Bluetooth Under The Cabinet Universal Wireless Music System

This radio seems to be the ideal answer for your kitchen decor if you want a slender, sleek, and attractive style. In addition, it has a lovely contrast of black and white. This traditional color combination and the contemporary design make it an appealing component for any kitchen.

In addition to its attractive look, the gadget has an excellent set of functionality.

First and foremost, it faithfully executes its function as a radio. You may tune it to your favorite programs and store up to 20 of them at once! Then, switch between them with ease to remain up to date on the latest traffic, news, and weather report.

However, you do not have to depend just on FM tunes. If none of the stations have music that appeals to you, you may listen to the songs or playlists here! Then, simply connect the radio to your phone or tablet to listen to the audio. There will be no need for a USB or cable connection for wireless streaming.

This device’s hands-free capability makes it much more convenient for everyday usage than others. You will not have to interrupt your work if a phone call comes in! While cooking, answer it using the radio’s built-in microphone!

With the help of two speakers, you can blast music across the room and even beyond! This gadget also has a dual alarm, snooze feature, and sleep timer. Stay updated on the high-contrast touch display to read the information easily.

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  • Wireless music may be heard throughout the house.
  • Two built-in speakers amplify the loudness.
  • Space below is illuminated with practical LED lights.
  • Because of the Bluetooth interface, it is possible to operate without using your hands.
  • Incoming calls are handled through the built-in microphone.

5. JENSEN SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Universal Bluetooth Music System

Jensen has been active in the electronics business for over a century. Since 1915, they have offered a diverse selection of items in this area to the general public. This under cabinet radio is one of the most popular choices.

This device is a full-fledged entertainment system that combines several aspects of aural amusement into a single package.

Its primary function is, of course, that of a normal radio. This device supports FM wavelengths and can play any channel within that frequency range. Presets allow you to store up to 20 of your preferred stations.

Its stereo capability allows it to play FM material at full volume. So, while handling any home activity, you may keep up to current on the latest traffic updates, news, songs, and weather predictions!

If you don’t like the content on the radio, just link it with any smartphone. Because it has A2DP NFC Bluetooth features, you may also refer to it as the best under cabinet radio with Bluetooth! It is simple to connect to cellphones and tablets.

With its auxiliary input connection, you may also listen to your personalized playlists from iPod, MP3 players, and other digital devices.

Furthermore, you don’t have to exert too much effort to understand the words or updates. PLL, or Phase Locked Loop, is a digital tuning mechanism that eliminates all extraneous sounds. As a consequence, you can hear the most concise form of each ingredient.

With a quick glimpse at its multi-function LCD display, you can find out what time it is. You may also use a timer to assist you with your recipes.


  • A2DP NFC Bluetooth is enabled for simple pairing.
  • FM stations can be played and saved in presets.
  • PLL digital tuning improves clarity by removing noise.
  • The multi-function LCD panel includes a clock and a timer.
  • Built-in microphone and compact design

6. RCA (SPS3688B) Under Cabinet Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and FM Radio

If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a product, then the RCA brand will undoubtedly be the ideal selection for you.

RCA is an abbreviation for Radio Corporation of America, which has grown to become one of the largest electronics businesses in the United States. After decades of independence, it is currently owned by Sony and Technicolor. Nonetheless, the brand’s quality and integrity are unquestionable.

What better firm to depend on when it comes to radios than the pioneering RCA?

This product, in particular, combines old-school elegance with a contemporary touch! It features a simple design with alternating gray and white tones.

The bright LED in the center is simple to read. On the pitch-black foreground, large red numbers appear. Such great contrast is noteworthy since no one wants to strain their eyes every time they attempt to see the time.

Because it has built-in stereo speakers, you will have no problems understanding the words. Furthermore, you don’t have to remain in a confined place to enjoy the music. The stereo will ensure that the music is heard throughout the room.

You don’t have to manually change the frequency every time because you can keep 20 FM stations as presets.

Together with the radio material, you can listen to your favorite songs from any smartphone. In addition, it has a Bluetooth connection and can link to any phone or tablet.

The sleek form comfortably fits beneath even the smallest kitchen cabinet spaces. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, making this radio an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.


  • Bluetooth connection enables you to play music from other devices.
  • Built-in stereo speakers disperse music across the room.
  • The current time is shown on a high-contrast LED display.
  • Up to 20 preferred FM radio channels can be saved.
  • A slim design at a low price.

7. Sylvania SKCR Under Cabinet Clock Radio With Bluetooth

If you have eyesight problems, this Sylvania under cabinet radio may be a good choice for you. It shows all the information in huge, high-contrast fonts. These large numbers will stand out against the pitch-black foreground. Looking at it once will reveal everything without the need for a squint.

The hefty frame has conveniently accessible buttons distributed equally across the front. As a result, you won’t have to exert too much effort to use them. The longest button is located just under the display. To get a better view in the kitchen, press it to switch the under cabinet lights on or off.

This radio is capable of receiving FM station transmissions. It is compatible with frequencies ranging from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. So, if your favorite Radio station is inside this range, you may store them as presets for easier access later.

In addition to following the latest news, weather, traffic, and other information through FM, you may also stream your song collection here! Connect it to any device, such as tablets and smartphones. It’s Bluetooth V3.0 connectivity allows you to stream your favorite music from these devices.

With the integrated hi-fi speakers, you may listen to them while handling your regular tasks. It is powered by an AC connector and can save the charge for battery backup. As a result, you may use it without fear, even if there is a power outage.

With the installation equipment included in the box, you can have it up and running in minutes. All of these benefits make it a formidable competitor in our battle for the best under cabinet radio.


  • Able to stream from any smart device with Bluetooth 3.0 connections.
  • The integrated hi-fi speakers provide loud and clear audio.
  • The digital display makes it easy to view the information.
  • Power is supplied via an AC adapter, and a battery backup included
  • It comes with an installation kit to make the cabinet mounting a breeze.

The Advantages of Using an Under Cabinet Radio

It Doesn’t Take Up Much Room

When compared to other music players or audio systems, under cabinet radios take up very little room. As a whole, they are an excellent choice for tiny kitchens with limited space. With the easy installation kit, you can quickly install them beneath any panel.

Provides Entertainment While Doing Household Tasks

The most noticeable benefit of installing an under cabinet radio is that it eliminates the boring aspect of your everyday housekeeping activities. It must be exhausting and annoying to repeat the same thing every day.

You may now bring some color into the dull hours of the day! Simply listen to your favorite channels or music while doing the dishes, chopping veggies, or cooking eggs!

Timer For Recipes

This radio may also be a devoted chef buddy for those of you cooking fanatics out there! Unfortunately, many recipes require a fixed amount of time. So if you’ve had to depend on guesswork thus far, here is your time to improve!

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Every model chosen to be the finest under cabinet radio has a timer. You may leave it running for the specified time and go to the next stage of the process.

Provides Updates Without Interfering With Productivity

We all have hectic lives with little rest. So, naturally, this makes it more difficult for working people to keep up with the newest developments in a hot topic or a current political scenario.

Despite your hectic schedule, an under cabinet radio can keep you up to speed on all the latest news. Simply switch it on with a touch while preparing your morning coffee. Then, when you’re getting ready for the day, it’ll keep you up to date on the latest happenings.

Functions As A Stereo Speaker

These radios may compensate for the absence of a stereo speaker in your home. In addition, many of them are capable of playing a wide variety of audio content. For example, they are capable of streaming music from your cellphones and tablets. On the other hand, most of them can also play CDs and DVDs.

How to Care for an Under Cabinet Radio

Safe Distance From Water

Make sure the under cabinet radio is kept away from water. This is crucial to remember since we deal with water a lot in the kitchen. So, while you’re having fun in the kitchen, keep the radio location away from any potential liquid contact.

Standby Battery

Make sure the stereo has a battery backup to work comfortably even during a power outage. It should be charged regularly so that the cells have adequate juice for subsequent usage. In the case of a widespread power outage, you may still listen to music, songs and keep up with the latest news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Mount an under cabinet radio?

Answer: Installing an under cabinet radio is a simple job. This installation requires just mounting hardware such as brackets and bolts. Most gadgets come with their own set of instructions. So, before you begin, go through the handbook.

Organize your tools to ensure seamless working. Then, one by one, fix the brackets and fasteners to the surface under the cabinets. Finally, properly set up the primary device.

2. How to set the time on a Sony Radio?

Answer: It is quite simple to set the time or clock on a Sony radio. First and foremost, ensure that the gadget is connected in and getting power.

Choose the appropriate time zone for your location if one is available. To do so, press and hold the Time Zone button for at least 2 seconds. Then, from the display, choose the region number.

Press the “+” or “-” symbol on the Time Set button to change the time. For example, these devices’ time zone is set to EST or Eastern Standard Time.

3. How to connect iLive radio to Bluetooth?

Answer: First and foremost, power up and turn on the gadget. Next, select Bluetooth from the choices available by pressing the Source button. Finally, hold your finger down on the Pair button until you’ve seen the indication light flicker quickly.

Now, go to the wireless device and look for gadgets that can be paired. Choose the appropriate model number from the list, such as “XYZ477.” If it prompts you for a password, type four zeros in a row, such as “0000.”

When you see a solid blue indicator light, that means you’ve successfully paired.

4. How to remove the under cabinet radio?

Answer: The procedure of dismantling an under cabinet radio is the inverse of the process of installing one. All you need to do is retrace its steps. Begin by unscrewing the brackets and other installation kit components. After that, gently remove the gadget.

5. Which cabinet radios support AM stations?

Answer: Some under cabinet radios are capable of supporting AM frequencies! You may listen to your favorite programs simultaneously, simply switching the mode on these devices from FM to AM. The Venturer KLV3915 and Sony ICFCDK50 radios are two of the best selections in this category.

6. How to pair a device with speaker system?

Answer: The procedure is quite identical to that of connecting any other Wireless device. Connect the stereo system or radio to an active outlet and turn it on. When the machine is powered on, choose and enable the Bluetooth connections option.

Then, using your smart device, look for this enabled Bluetooth radio and provide the necessary information to hook up properly.

7. Can you watch TV on cabinet radios?

Answer: The majority of these gadgets do not display visual media. However, a few cabinet radios can stream graphic material such as television programs, videos, and other media. The problem is that these radios are highly costly for accomplishing the task of two in one.

8. How to fix radio cabinet volume while playing from Bluetooth?

Answer: You may have difficulty hearing the audio material at the proper level at times. If you’re using Bluetooth, be sure to hit the play button on the associated device. Using either this gadget or the radio, adjust the volume.

9. CD option is not visible. How to fix it?

Answer: Such an issue may occur from time to time owing to technological problems. Typically, two dashes appear on the screen to denote a CD function. If the dashes aren’t visible, hit the Function button until they appear. Now, hit “open,” and the CD box will open, allowing you to insert the CD.

10. How long does the battery backup last?

Answer: This time duration varies depending on the device. The level of the song determines it since greater volumes need more energy to execute. After being completely charged, your radio should be able to operate for roughly 8 hours.


Just one little elegant radio may completely transform your cooking experience. With this technology, you can say goodbye to the boring routine of cooking. They may play your playlists as well as radio stations that are aired. It is entirely up to you!

You get to choose which of the seven items on our list is the greatest under cabinet radio.

Make sure the gadget you choose is the proper size for your kitchen interior. Although cabinets are often seen in kitchens, radios may be installed anywhere as long as they function correctly.

We hope it brightens every ordinary day for you, from the morning light to the night. Keep music close by to help you avoid tension, anxiety, and other mental pressures. Allow the melodies to cure you from inside. These songs will undoubtedly refresh your soul and lift your spirits for the day!