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5 Best TV Antenna Rotator Reviews & Buying Guide

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Unfortunately, satellite and cable  TV rates have just soared, and if you happen to live in a region that does not get broadcast television. It does, but only when you go to the top of the house and tweaks the antenna. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a method to address this problem?

Yes, there is.  We did in-depth research for the best antenna rotator, a device that would let you skip those frequent visits to the roof and always have free, better-quality air TV.

These are our top picks for the best TV antenna rotators:


Product Name

Editor's Rating


RCA VH226F Outdoor Antenna Rotator

5 out of 5

PBD Digital Outdoor TV Antenna

5 out of 5

Vansky Outdoor Amplified HD TV Antenna

4 out of 5

Advantages of Having a TV Antenna Rotator

Aside from skipping those inconvenient and often risky visits to the roof, there are several other benefits to buying an outdoor antenna rotator. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Receive various channels from different spots.

There are TV stations all over the area. However, besides cable TV companies, there is no centrally managed signal from which you may receive them all. That is, your preferred channel may transmit its signal from the north, but your son’s preferred station may broadcast its signal from the south.

That would be a problem with a standard, fixed antenna since one of you might receive a weak signal compared to the other.

Conversely, a rotor antenna for TV may divert the signal to the receiver for the best possible signal reception.

2. Extremely simple to use

Another significant advantage of antenna rotators is their ease of use. They may be controlled by a remote that directs the antenna rotator to point at the desired spot.

It only takes a few clicks. Particularly useful!

3. No need of multiple antennas.

Someone may say, “I had the same problem and installed two antennas pointing in different directions.” “The issue has been resolved!” True, but at the double the price. Not to add, the home look has become a lot messier with two aerials lingered at to top.

An antenna rotator, in our view, outperforms antenna stacks all the time. Moreover, aside from what we’ve already discussed, the first approach requires only one setup rather than several.

List of 5 Best Antenna Rotators for TV

So, are you willing to invest in the best equipment to improve the performance of your television? We searched high and low for 5 TV antenna rotators that will give you direction as well as plenty of useful suggestions.

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#1. RCA VH226F Outdoor Antenna Rotator

  • Set up to 12 TV for FM Stations

  • Infrared Remote Control

  • Digital Display Indicates Preset and Antenna Position

Let’s start our collection with a very useful product from renowned brand RCA: the VH226F antenna rotator.

First and foremost, satisfied buyers have filled online reviews, singing the praises of this rotator’s simple setup and programming. That certainly tells us much about its value.

But, more importantly, RCA’s device has three components: a rotator, an infrared controller, and a command box with a display screen. Let’s go through each one independently.

The rotator is made of waterproof, robust metal and is ready to go if the weather is blazing hot or stormy. It has a smooth 360-degree rotation and can withstand up to three feet of the antenna.

The control box from RCA has a programmed memory that can save up to Twelve Television or FM channels. The screen shows both the preset and the real antenna location, allowing you to make modifications quickly.

Finally, you have a remote that can operate from 30 feet of distance.

To be clear, a 3-wire cable is required for the setup, which this kit does not provide. But, conversely, this rotator’s antenna does not need a safety contact. So don’t be anxious about grounding concerns!

Highlights and Key Features

  • Memory that can store up to 12 TV or FM stations
  • Remote can work from 30 feet distance.
  • The antenna does not need to be grounded.
  • Users praise its ease of handling and programming.

#2. PBD Digital Outdoor TV Antenna

  • 150 Miles Antenna and Dual TV Outputs

  • Snap-On Installation

  • Full HDTV support

Be attentive since it appears that the further we list our selection, the greater the quality we show. PBD’s technology is so powerful that we’re tempted to label it the greatest TV antenna rotator package.

Of course, the automated rotator provides 360-degree coverage, so you don’t skip out on any accessible channel, regardless of its signal direction. However, we must examine the antenna features since it will make your head spin!

Remember we stated cable and satellite TV costs are skyrocketing? They do; after all, they deliver crystal-clear pictures all year. But what if we tell you that this antenna is equally as good?

Aside from its 150-mile coverage, this Directional antenna provides the best picture quality available. It’s 720p, 1080p, and sometimes even 4K HDTV! Absolutely free! Don’t pay another cent for cable TV.

It also works on two TVs at the same time without the use of a splitter. The visual quality is the same on both receivers.

Unlike the other items we’ve evaluated, PBD’s antenna includes its own pole and mount, saving you time and hassle. The easy setup minimizes the need for extra equipment.

The package also comes with  50 feet of coax cable and a wireless remote.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Full HDTV antenna with 4K support
  • Connect two TV sets without using a splitter
  • Excellent range of 150 miles
  • No extra tools are required for installation (Everything included)

#3. Vansky Outdoor Amplified HD TV Antenna with 360 Degree Rotation

  • Dual TV Outputs

  • 150 Mile Range HDTV Reception

  • Llightning Protected

We’re going to step it up a level. Are you prepared?

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 The next product on our list is more than simply a wireless antenna rotator.  This item comes with a full kit that is ready to install in minutes.

A high-quality, 1080p HDTV antenna. This package includes a V-frequency vibrator X5 with a range of up to 150 miles.

You can try hiding, but TV signals will undoubtedly reach your antenna, which has been grounded and lightning-protected.

For a great sound, the rotator is connected to a control box that includes a noise amplifier. It also ensures 360-degree coverage, ensuring that your high-quality antenna excels on its own.

Above all, you can connect two TVs without using a splitter because the control box handles it automatically. Splitters reduce the quality of transmission by half; Vansky’s antenna does not.

A remote and 32 feet of coaxial wire comes with the package.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Support for two TVs without the use of a splitter!
  • Frequency bands that are appropriate for both UHF and VHF
  • It comes with everything you need to get started in minutes.
  • Lightning protection

#4. Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV Antenna

  • Supports Uncompressed 1080i HDTV

  • Multi-Directional with 80+ Mile Range

  • Easy Installation

On the surface, this appears to be a brute force technique.  Let’s examine how the CM-4228HD compared to other antennas that we have reviewed.

The Channel Master is simply a directional antenna designed in a grid shape.  The goal here is to use an array shape to enhance the signal reception capacity.  As a result, you should require a little less powerful amplifier. You will receive a crystal-clear image quality because of the less amplification used.

An array architecture cannot be truly omnidirectional. The turning radius of two feet is the smallest that an antenna of this size can provide, but keep in mind the manual element. Inbuilt stepper motors power many similar unidirectional antennas. Because you’ll have to turn it in by hand, it’s a good idea to mount it somewhere easy to reach.


The VHF/UHF combo works well and enables this antenna to enhance its reception. If you sometimes like to feel old school and listen to the radio, this package also includes the FM option. It’s not something everyone wants, but it’s also not something you’d reject. This helps to compensate for the manual aspect required for alignment.

#5. FiveStar Outdoor HD TV Antenna Up to 200 Miles Long Range

  • EWEST DESGIN: Clear HD Image Quality

  • Auto Gain Control

  • Full Band DTV/VHF/UHF Receiver

Coming on from our list of the best TV antenna rotors, we have found another outstanding device. Of course, you can’t resist  FiveStar’s all-inclusive deal.

The rotator is completely waterproof and will withstand any weather. Furthermore, its 360-degree controlled rotation guarantees that no signal, whether VHF, UHF, or FM radio, goes unnoticed.

Down, in the comfort of your room, you can operate the control box with a remote in your hand. It also includes a 4-way splitter to connect every TV set in your home.

On top of that, FiveStar’s weatherproof antenna can catch signals from an ultra-wide range of 200-miles, which is a no-brainer. It also has an LTE filter, which minimizes interference generated by 4G devices.

Because the antenna is outfitted with more components, you will get stronger UHF and VHF transmissions. In addition, with its unique Auto Gain Communication systems, it also improves higher-quality broadcasts, such as 4K.

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The main drawback is that the package does not come with an antenna pole. But, with all the advantages, does it really make a difference? To make up for this, FiveStar includes 44 feet of copper coax wire and 15 cable clamps for an easy setup.

Highlights and Key Features

  • The LTE filter minimizes interference produced by 4G transmissions.
  • The range has been increased to up to 200 miles!
  • The Auto Gain Control system improves the quality of signals.
  • The antenna is windproof for further durability.

How Does an Antenna Rotator Work?

An antenna rotator device is a rather simple piece of gear. It is essentially a mechanical antenna that the user may spin using a remote. Users may then position the antenna at a specific point to get the desired channels.

Multiple companies offer more or less full systems, with some including a cable for the control box and rotator’s connectivity, brackets, screws, and the antenna itself. On the other hand, some brands only provide the rotor device with its control box.

Because you’ll be installing the antenna rotator somewhere on your roof, weather-protection is an absolute must. Because you’ll want to avoid getting on top of your house every time it rains

How to Operate an Antenna Rotator?

antenna rotator

Setup is straightforward; however, the procedure varies based on the product. Follow the directions that come with the antenna. In every scenario, you’ll need to know the direction of your preferred signals. To make life simpler, here’s a DTV Reception Map.

Once that is done, enter the target channel’s location into your controller, and the rotator will guide the antenna accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which channels can my digital antenna rotator pick up?

Several websites can provide you with an answer to your query. Both Antennas Direct and Antenna Web show you the number of broadcasters in your region.

  1. Is it legal to watch TV without paying?

Yes, of course! Air TV is open to the public and provides many high-quality channels and content for your entertainment.

Don’t give up this opportunity!

  1. Can I place my non-waterproof antenna rotator inside my home?

You can mount it in the attic, for example, but it won’t receive as strong a signal as it would on the rooftop.

It is often preferable to take the effort to seal a non-waterproof object against the weather than to lose its functioning.


Aside from providing fun and news, watching television is an all-American pastime that can gather an entire family around.

In many ways, modern life threatens family connections, but sitting together in the TV lounge with your family and watching a comedy night show is something you’ll always enjoy. And now you can do so without forking up a large portion of your salary.

We’ve put up a detailed guide to help you choose the best antenna rotator on the market. So choose the one that best meets your requirements and have fun!