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Top 7 Best TV Antenna for Apartments | Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you remember the old golden times, when all users needed to connect an antenna to receive hundreds of live TV stations without having to pay a monthly fee?

You could believe that this technology is no longer relevant in subscription-based broadcasting platforms and streamed networks.

What about if somebody indicated that you could still stream your favorite TV shows and series from the tranquility and privacy in the traditional format?

You got it right. With the best TV antennas for apartments, you will be able to watch numerous TV networks such as the BBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and others without worrying about monthly costs.

We evaluated many antennas to find the best TV antenna for apartments that provide good signals and results.

The Best TV Antenna for Apartments


Product Name

Editor's Rating


1BYONE Amplifier Indoor TV Antenna for Apartment

5 out of 5

ClearStream Eclipse™Apartment Building Antenna

5 out of 5

U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

4.5 out of 5

Advantages of Using TV Antenna 

Advantages of Using TV Antenna for apartments

Who needs cable when you’ve got a TV antenna? These are the many benefits of using a TV antenna for apartments.

You save money on monthly bills—no waiting for installation time and no hassle with cancellation policies. Antennas can be installed in less than 10 minutes by anyone handy at DIY projects within arm’s reach.

Why not change up your TV experience? Do you know an apartment TV antenna can be just the thing to do for you? What’s so great about these antennas is they are small and discreet, meaning no one will even notice them when installed in a window or on a wall of your home. They’re also relatively inexpensive–you’ll never need more than $50 worth of materials to get started with this project if it interests you. So what should we say instead: “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ day!”

Nowadays, watching TV may be costly, as you must budget for monthly cable fees. So you’re not alone in this considering severing those wires. But does this imply that we will become accustomed to viewing dull channels? No, not at all. 

There are plenty of impressive antennas available which perform just fine at connecting us with our favorite local TV stations, and all this costs nothing.

Anyone can find your favorite TV programs without needing to pay a large amount of monthly cable price. You’ll be able to find an antenna that will do the job at little cost.

Our Picks for the Top 7 Best TV Antennas for Apartments in 2021

#1. 1BYONE Amplifier Signal Booster Indoor TV Antenna for Apartment Use

  • Long Range Reception

  • Lightweight and Eady To Install

  • 17ft High Quality Coaxial Cable

This is an incredibly powerful antenna with a simplified and ultra-thin setup. Its long-range reception abilities, blended with a dependable signal amplifier, distinguishes it from other product offerings in its class. In addition, this unit is the best manufacturing TV antenna for an apartment, as it provides an extensive series of TV channels.

The 1BYONE TV antenna provides everything your Television requires streaming high-quality videos and visual photos from your preferred channels.

It includes nanotechnology to maximize signal strength. As a result, this model’s reception is so strong that it can pick up signals even as far as 200 miles away.

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Moreover, it emerges with a signal amplifier which does an outstanding job of boosting weaker signals to provide a better image, clearer picture, and audio quality. As a result, Interferences would be significantly lowered.

This item has a minimalist design and an attractive white color. It’s delicate and slim, so it’ll be a breeze to operate with.

The installation process is simple. You can place it behind the TV, on the wall, in a window, or pretty much anywhere you want. Keep in mind that it’s in a location where there won’t be any interruption in signal picking.

Outlined Features:

  •  Surprisingly long-distance coverage, reaching up to 200 miles.
  • Connected with a signal amplifier for amplifying weaker signals
  • Sleek and lightweight design that makes it easy to operate with.
  • For a faster installation, it includes all of the essential mounting attachments.

#2. The Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse™Apartment Building Antenna

  • Amplified TV Antenna With 50 Mile Range

  • Jolt 15db in-line Amplifier System

  • Includes 12ft. High Performance Coaxial Cable

The Antennas Direct ClearStream EclipseTM HDTV antenna is a high-quality antenna recognized for its straightforward design and exceptional functionality. It seems sophisticated and creative because of its sleek design. 

It is frequently regarded as the best indoor antenna for apartment buildings due to its outstanding characteristics.

It’s intended to be 4K ready; thus, you won’t have to sacrifice image quality. This multi-directional device is effortless to install and operate. It will securely adhere to your wall or window. To obtain the greatest results, make sure to position this one as high as possible.

With the help of a 12-feet coaxial connection, you’ll be able to easily move the antenna until you start receiving the desired signals.

This device comes with a unique Antenna Point App that simplifies antenna targeting for your convenience. In addition, you’ll be linked to several TV stations for free as soon as you finish configuring them.

Outlined Features:

  • Its flat and thin form makes it quite easy to operate.
  • Provides one of the finest signal reception performances in the 35-mile category.
  • Increases signal strength to provide clear, noise-free viewing.
  • It has a paintable surface so you can match it to your decor.
  •  It has an app for simplifying antenna pointing.

#3. U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

  • Full HD Crystal-Clear TV

  • 18 ft. Long Coaxial Cable

  • HD Sound Quality

Though this technology is old, the antenna devices do not have to appear outdated. That is precisely what the U Must Have Electronic Digital antenna demonstrates with its clean and appealing appearance. It is intended to enable free, continuous viewing of premium TV networks.

This antenna includes everything you need to view your favorite local Tv stations, including CNN, TBS, Fox, NBC, CBS, BBC, and others in stunning quality. In addition, it has a great amplifier for offering outstanding signal reception performance.

The antenna is highly robust on its own, but the addition of electromagnetic shielding raises the bar even higher. Because of its super-flat design, you can put it anywhere you choose. You won’t require any mounting hardware, so installation is simple.

After a fast installation, you can check the channels to discover your favorite stations and immediately watch your favorite TV shows. If the dark hue doesn’t go with your decor, feel free to change it as you want.

This gadget can scoop up clear and strong signals from up to 120 miles away. Moreover, because of the ultra-durable coaxial cable connection, you will not lose signal or experience distortions even when the weather is poor.

Outlined Features:

  • Allows for the free streaming of up to 140 over-the-air channels.
  • Signals may be picked up from up to 120 miles away.
  • It has a flat inconspicuous design that enables rapid and simple installation.
  • It has an integrated amplifier that maintains the signals clear and noise-free.

#4. 1BYONE TV Antenna for Basement Apartment

  • Powerful Amplifier

  • Omnidirectional UHF & VHF

  • 24-Month Warranty

We have another internal HDTV antenna from 1BYONE that is meant to help you save money on cable bills. It will allow users to view Television without having to pay anything. This device has a strong signal picking performance that allows it to provide high-quality movies.

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Because of 1BYONE’s superior construction, this antenna is extremely handy. It has an attractive appearance due to its round, hollow shape. Once it comes to placement, you have complete control.

You may put it on display, fix it on the window, lay it flat on the table, or just position it anywhere you wish. Because it is ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight, you won’t need to devote a lot of space to it.

Furthermore, because this technology is omnidirectional, you will receive uninterrupted quality comparable to cable and satellite operators. There will be no loss of color or sound because it performs an excellent job of reducing noise and distortion.

Outlined Features:

  • For quality, it is outfitted with clever and modern technology.
  • Capable of receiving strong signals from up to 250 kilometers away
  • Enables users to watch movies in HD quality. Provides signal boosting and noise reduction for improved visuals.
  • It comes with an 18-foot cable to make installation easy.

#5. Mediasonic Homeworx HW110AN Super Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna

  • 10 Feet High Quality Coaxial Cable

  • Super Thin Design

  • No Power Required

The Mediasonic Homeworx HW110AN indoor antenna is a tiny, portable, and robust antenna with excellent signal quality. It has a good range for picking up most TV stations and a streamlined design for quick setup. You just get it for a meager price.

Given its specifications and features, this device is undoubtedly one of the best TV antennas for apartments.

This device is intended to transmit signals from approximately 25 miles away. As a result, it provides a better image and sound quality. Your favorite TV stations, news streams, and live coverage will be perfectly clear on your TV screen. In addition, it can transmit both standard and HDTV signals because it is an HDTV antenna.

This device may be put in almost any place due to its dynamic, multi-directional, and ultra-thin construction. It is straightforward to install on your window or wall. The universal suction cup holder will make installation much easier.

Start watching your favorite TV shows by connecting the antenna to your converter box or TV. The whole procedure takes a couple of seconds.

It does not require any additional electricity to operate. Moreover, because this device is so inexpensive, you’d be able to connect to big networks without spending lots of money.

Outlined Features:

  • For convenience, it can pick up both UHF and VHF channels.
  • It provides outstanding signal quality for crystal-clear transmission.
  • It has a super-thin and lightweight design that allows for simple interior installation.
  • It comes with an antenna stand and is easy to set up.
  • It captures strong signals from up to 25 kilometers away with ease.

#6. Cuwada Indoor Digital HDTV Television Antenna

  • Ideal For Indoor and Outdoor

  • 130 Miles Range

  • Ultra-Thin Design

We have another economical TV antenna for apartment residents. Its capability to receive HD signals along with high efficiency and conversion speed while keeping out interference gives an excellent alternative for individuals looking to save their cable TV costs.

This model will provide you with consistent reception with a minimal one-time fee.

Because of its ultra-thin and subtle design, it may be placed almost anywhere in your apartment. This device may be set up behind the TV, against a window or a wall, or flat on a table. 

The 16.5-foot coaxial wire allows you plenty of installation flexibility. If you get stuck, you can refer to the kit that comes with it. This product has a range of up to 130 miles.

Outlined Features:

  •  Configured to be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  •  It has a reception range of up to 130 miles for ease.
  • Capable of filtering out any interference and providing clear signals
  • It is outfitted with an amplifier to keep the signals robust and noise-free.

#7. 1byone Foldable Indoor HDTV Antenna

  • Unique Foldable Indoor Design

  • Enhanced VHF Signal Reception

  • Easy to Install

This one is another excellent TV antenna from the 1BYONE brand. It claims to provide an uninterrupted Hdtv visual experience without the need for monthly cable fees.

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With a one-of-a-kind folding design and exceptional signal reception performance, this device leaves little space for criticism!

It distinguishes itself from the competition due to its innovative folding interior design. This is also the first thing you’ll observe about this antenna. Its switchboard may be opened and closed to allow for 360-degree data transmission and signal reception.

This leads to increased range and reliable signal pickup capability, which is superior to engrave antennas.

It might go up to 200 kilometers to take up signals from television towers. As a result, it is ideal for individuals who live in distant areas. In addition, the extra-long 16.5ft coaxial wire makes installation a breeze.

It can deliver even more channel streaming due to the addition of VHF signal amplification, sophisticated filtering, and multi-directional reception. As a result, you will receive higher bandwidth and experience fewer interruptions.

Because the FM and cellphone signals filter out, the movies and voice recordings provide excellent quality and are free of noise.

It allows anyone to install it anywhere in your apartment. This review confirms that the images are brightly colored and crisply clear.

Outlined Features:

  • It has a one-of-a-kind folding design that improves performance.
  • Provides free HDTV streaming with crystal-clear picture quality.
  • Picks up signals from up to 200 miles away with ease.
  • Equipped with a slew of clever technologies to improve signal reception.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing TV Antenna for Apartment

Best TV antenna for apartments - buying guide

Since TV antennas are usually affordable, you should still be sure to buy the one that fits perfectly for you. Consequently, you may not receive the quality you’re looking for.

Several antennas are more effective than others. So if you want to get your hands on the most outstanding selection, you need to think about a few factors before purchasing.

Signal Intensity

Signal intensity is critical since it allows you to watch multiple programs if the antenna provides a higher speed and stronger signal. However, keep in mind that signal strength is hampered by a variety of variables, including range, distance, and geography. As a result, it is preferable to have a muffled antenna.

Quality of Cable Connection

Coaxial Cable quality

The cable or a wire used to connect the antenna to your screen must be of excellent quality and long-lasting cable. Poor cable selection can lead to frequent signal loss, uneven performance, and huge outages during inclement weather.


Antenna for apartments appearance

Whenever you consider buying an antenna, make sure it should not resemble an old gadget that sticks out like a sore thumb. Rather, it should be aesthetically pleasing.

If you explore around, you will find a plethora of beautiful indoor antennas with a clean and appealing appearance. It will not only allow you to watch free channels, but it will also improve the appearance of your apartment.


You undoubtedly want to get the highest value for your savings, so check the price of the antenna first and then buy it. Note that the best TV antenna for apartments isn’t necessarily the most costly but rather those that provide the highest quality.

If a 20- 25 dollar antenna would suffice, there is no reason to pursue a 50-dollar offering.

Easy Installation

The indoor antenna should be straightforward to install. It needs to be thin and small. Most antennas are so simple and easy, which come with all of the installation components required to process them up anywhere you want in just a minute.

Amplifier of Signal

Signals can easily get blocked and lose power. Several factors might obstruct them. When this occurs, the signals become weak and incoherent. As a result, you will be unable to see clear videos.

Signal amplifiers can hold weak signals and enhance them to make them stronger. If you want to obtain better reception, purchase an antenna for your apartment with a strong amplifier if you live in a region with obstructive terrain.