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The Best Tabletop Radio (Top 6) | **2022** Reviews

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Our review article will compare the essential elements of the best tabletop radio, such as sound quality, design, feature set, and radio band support. The best tabletop radio for your needs relies on the variables that are most important to you, so keep reading to learn more about the best radio for your house.

Reasons for Buying the Tabletop Radio 

There are numerous reasons to invest and get the best tabletop radio for your home. They can be used in various ways and have a range of functions that can make your house more pleasant.

Interactively Watching The Radios

At home, you can easily dial in and listen to your favorite radio station. In addition to news and current events channels, you may use the radio to find new music and revisit old favorites.

Closet-Side Device

As a bedside radio, tabletop radios are a big hit. Listen to them before you go to sleep, or when you wake up in the morning. 

Creating A Network of Relationships

Speakers are used in numerous ways by several tabletop radios. Most will allow you to listen to music from other devices, such as your phone or tablet. An AUX input, USB connection, or Bluetooth connection are available options.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tabletop Radios 


Product Name

Editor's Rating


Sangean WR-50P - Bluetooth Wood Cabinet Tabletop Radio

5 out of 5

Tivoli Audio model One AM FM Table Radio

5 out of 5

Como Audio: Solo - Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

4.5 out of 5

Top 6 Best Tabletop Radio of 2022

#1. Sangean WR-50P – Bluetooth Wood Cabinet Tabletop Radio

  • 9 AM & 9 FM Station Presets with remote

  • High contrast LCD with Backlight

  • Built-in wireless NFC Bluetooth

A new design technique for all the best tabletop radios has never been seen before in the Sangean WR-50P FM-RBDS. The WR-50P is one of the few radios on our list that does not house the drivers for both speakers in the same housing unit as the others.

The radio, speaker, and controls are all housed in the other enclosure, which only has room for a single driver. On a table, the two cases are the same size and complement each other perfectly.

Sangean WR-50P tabletop radio


  • The two-tone color design features a black casing with lighter grey panels on the front and back.
  • The music and vocals sound great.
  • There are separate controls for bass, treble, and volume on the remote, which is rare even in the costliest tabletop radios.
  • The DSP technology used in the radio reception.
  • Bluetooth pairing can be employed if you ever need to stream music. 
  • It comes with an alarm clock and a chime.
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#2. Tivoli Audio model One AM FM Table Radio

  • Superior sound reproduction

  • 3-inch long-throw driver

  • High-performance table radio

Tabletop wooden radios are becoming more and more popular, and this one is no exception to make it the best tabletop radio. Consider the Tivoli Model One if you like wooden box radios.

With wooden housing, the radio is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. You can put it on any desk, side table, or countertop, and it looks great. There are only three knobs on the radio: one for volume, selecting features, and tuning in.

Tivoli Audio model One Am fm Table Radio


  • The LED lights are a pleasant bonus. You can use one to see how much power you have and the other to see how much signal strength you have.
  • When the station is tuned in and has a stable and dependable signal, the light becomes yellow. 
  • For a non-digital radio, the tuning accuracy is excellent. 
  • The antenna on the rear of the radio is extendable to increase reception strength.
  • Model One’s sound is deep and resonant, although it just has one mono driver. 
  • The radio does provide enough clarity and richness at lower volume settings to satisfy most listeners. 
  • It also has Bluetooth and an AUX port, which allow you to connect your portable devices by pairing or 3.5mm cable via Bluetooth. 

#3. Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

  • Multi-room music system

  • Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity

  • 30 watts per channel RMS digital amplifier

Como is a small, family-owned business that specializes in creating unique, high-quality radios.

The initial production run of Como Audio Solo was made possible thanks to the Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders and donations from backers.


  • This is one of the most attractive tabletop radios you can buy in style and usability.
  • The veneer on the device is made to look like real wood. The color display screen is a pleasure to use, clear, bright, and equipped with a few useful functions. 
  • A variety of controls are available for the radio. If you don’t want to utilize a remote control or the Como smartphone app, you can use the front-panel controls.
  • There is an optical input in addition to the standard AUX and Bluetooth connections, which is more commonly seen in soundbars or home entertainment systems.
  • With an FM antenna that can be telescopically extended, the radio can be used to listen to FM broadcasts.

#4. Revo SuperConnect Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

  • DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS

  • Internet Radio with Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Spotify Connect Supported

The Revo SuperConnect is a must-have if you’re looking for a high-end tabletop radio.

It has a retro-inspired design that incorporates aspects from the 1960s, 1970s, and today. It is constructed of American walnut wood and covered with a veneer of the same wood. With its aluminum face and real wood housing, this radio is truly gorgeous.


  • The radio’s front boasts a good set of controls and an OLED display that goes dark when the screen isn’t being used.
  • The stereo headphone port blends seamlessly into the retro-style buttons at the bottom of the radio.
  • All radio kinds (excluding AM band) are supported by Revo SuperConnect, including the internet, DAB, and FM radio.
  • Bluetooth with aptX is another alternative for connecting. Mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices may now play CD-quality music wirelessly. 
  • If you’re looking for a great-sounding, compact portable radio, go no further than SuperConnect.
  • The radio uses the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) technology, which combines a full-range sound without separating treble and mid-range frequencies.
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#5. SiriusXM Wi-Fi Sound Station

  • Pause, rewind and replay live radio

  • LCD color display with album art

  • Powerful, full-range sound

Tabletop radio Grace Digital Mondo+ is an excellent value for the money. The device has two modes of operation. The radio can be used as a speaker if it is wirelessly connected to a mobile device or play online stations. This nightstand is the right size for a bedside table because of its sleek, modern appearance and practical use.



  • The 3.5-inch full-color LCD display is the most notable feature.
  • The display shows the current time, artist, and station information when the device is in operation. 
  • Using Google Chromecast, you may expand the tabletop radio’s speaker system to include other Grace branded speakers.
  • An infrared remote and dual RCA and USB connectors round out the connecting possibilities. The only thing you need to use the radio is a wireless internet connection. There are thousands of radio stations to choose from around the world.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from one of your mobile devices directly to the radio. 
  • Overall, the audio quality is excellent for a radio of this size. Class D amplifier, 3″ woofer, and basic 1″ tweeter are all included in one speaker.

#6. Bose Wave Music System – Best Tabletop Radio

  • Lifelike, room-filling sound

  • CD/MP3 CD player

  • Wireless network compatibile

An all-in-one speaker, the Bose Wave SoundTouch has a radio, CD player, and Bluetooth connectivity. Bose has been known for its gorgeous designs for more than a century, and Wave SoundTouch is no exception. The unit’s sleek, contemporary style would appear right at home in any room of your house.

Bose Wave Music System


  • The device’s LED touch screen display is a standout feature.
  • When in radio mode, the panel’s information display is quite clear and displays station information.
  • With Bose speaker, you’ll have no problem using it as a speaker for other media, such as music. You may stream music, podcasts, or any different sort of audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with built-in Bluetooth.
  • Wave SoundTouch is a free app that lets you connect the gadget to your home’s Wi-Fi network. With this program, you may access thousands of internet radio stations, including those from Spotify and Amazon Music, as well as other music apps.
  • Using an app was the most convenient way to control our radio.
  • The sound quality of this Bose radio is outstanding.
  • Bass-heavy Bose sound is a trademark of the company. You can easily adjust it down in the settings menu and get your preferred sound.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Tabletop Radio 

Before buying the best tabletop radio for your home, you need to consider a few crucial aspects. You won’t waste your time looking at units that don’t meet your requirements if you do this. As a result, the overall experience would be more enjoyable. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

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Quality Of Sound

Among the tabletop radios we tested, the sound quality varies significantly from one to the next. More cheap radios tend to have lower-quality sound because of their lower price point.

Even if you don’t care about sound quality, a stereo or more advanced mono radio should be considered for individuals who enjoy listening to music and radio.

When purchasing and looking for the best tabletop radio for your house, you should also examine the material the case is composed of. Plastic or MDF are the most common materials. As plastic is easier and cheaper to manufacture, it is often used in budget radios, but this is not the ideal option if you want to improve the sound quality. Compared to other materials, MDF enclosures tend to produce a more realistic soundstage and reduce the impact of out-of-phase sounds. The recommendation is to use MDF casing whenever possible because it is more enjoyable and natural to listen to it.


Most people don’t give much thought to how a tabletop radio looks. In addition, most radios are likely to be put in lounges and bedrooms, so the visual appeal may be crucial if you want it to go in with your general interior design.

Tabletop radios come in a variety of styles. However, they can generally be retro-themed, futuristic, or even a blend of wood and contemporary elements. It is entirely up to you.


You may have different connectivity requirements depending on what you intend to use the device for. 3.5mm jack, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are the three most common ways to connect your device.


Radios can cost anything from $20 to several hundred dollars for the best tabletop radio, just like everything else in the gadget store. Since most price differences are based on additional features, you should only pay for what you intend to use if you want to keep your costs down.

Final Thoughts

Every tabletop radio on our list is a superb product that can be used for a wide range of purposes. There is a tabletop radio for everyone, regardless of your budget or your taste in high-tech gadgets.

The Tivoli Audio Model One, Sangean WR-50P, or Ocean Digital Internet Radio are excellent choices for those on a tight budget looking for the best tabletop radio that can do the most basic functions.

Are you having a larger budget or requiring more options for the best tabletop radio? you’ll find several excellent buys. Sangean WR-50P FM-RBDS FM-RBDS is one of the top radios with Bluetooth for stereo sound and additional connectivity. A smaller radio like the Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Table Radio or the Grace Digital Mondo+ is an excellent alternative. The latter, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on streaming internet radio.

Prices at the high end of the market might substantially differ. Sound quality is similar between the two, but Revo SuperConnect comes out on top due to its improved fidelity and overall presentation. Bose Wave SoundTouch is the top-of-the-line premium radio. This is the best tabletop radio among all ever produced.