Best Short Bullet antenna for f150

Best Short Bullet Antenna for F150 in 2022: Buying Guide

Do you know that big stock antenna on your truck? Well, it’s not as great when compared with any short bullet antenna out there. A short and sleek one can serve its purpose just fine, but don’t worry because those with expensive cars still want to keep the spotlight bright!

Antenna’s size can also cause problems while parking at your garage or in severe weather conditions.

The F150 antenna market is tough to compete in. There are so many different options for short antennas that it’s hard enough just picking one, let alone trying to figure out which model will work the best with your car!

To make things easier on you and give a little guidance through this process of buying the best short bullet antenna for F150, we’ve put together our top seven picks based on customer feedback from across various platforms online: real people who own their vehicles as well as those looking around at potential buys.

We also looked into several stubby antennas to offer you an edge in the game. Let’s have a look at what features they provide.

Our Recommended Short Bullet Antennas for Ford F150


Product Name

Editor's Rating


RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Bullet Antenna

5 out of 5

Trunknets Inc. Black Bullet Antenna for Ford F150

5 out of 5

Rydonair Optimized Stubby Antenna for F150

4.5 out of 5

The Advantages of Short Bullet Antenna For F150?

Advantages of Short Bullet Antenna For F150

A stubby or short bullet antenna for F150 is an excellent option for those who take automatic car wash services. When you’re on the go, it’s essential that your device can pull in all available signals with clarity and amplify them accordingly, so there are no missed opportunities!

With its short length, the bullet antenna is ideal for avid drivers who need that extra boost in order to get a clear reception. Below we have highlighted some other key advantages of using a bullet antenna.

Nice Look & Design

bullet antenna look great on ford f150

You can’t have an antenna that is too tall for your car. A short, stubby-style bullet antenna will not only blend better with the vehicle’s design but also give you more of a show on top!

The stubby design provides better aesthetics, and it won’t stick out like an eyesore compared with tall stock antennas on most models today!

Stubby bullet antennas are more popular than ever with their diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find a bullet antenna to match your truck perfectly!

Great Reception

If you want to listen in on the radio, then there’s no better time other than while driving your truck! You can tune into sports commentary and other live broadcasts from around town, as well as weather updates without worrying about those pesky cell phone reception bars.

The best thing is that the bullet antenna works wonders by being pretty small so that it won’t take up much room in your front view.

With the short bullet antenna, you can enjoy a clear and accessible signal without affecting other services. In addition to that, it doesn’t interfere with your GPS or Bluetooth radio, so there’s no need for concern about disrupting their performance either!

Other Convenient Features

You might think that stubby antennas are just for short-range communication, but they also provide some excellent features which stock antennas lack. You’ll not have to worry about hitting your garage whenever you park your vehicle; neither will these little guys get damaged in an automatic car wash!

The built-in stock antennas are also very heavy, which can cause all sorts of damage in the strong wind due to their weighty nature and construction material used – thankfully, stubbies has got you covered!

Top 7 Best Short Bullet Antenna for F150

The short bullet antenna list below for F150 will help you find the perfect match and make your life easier while on the go!

#1. RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Bullet Antenna

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

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  • Auto 2-sided printing

Keep your Ford F150 looking sleek and stylish with this 50 caliber bullet antenna! It has great reception and a compact design that will keep the attention away from any other accessories on board.

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The best way to pass the time on a long journey or when you’re driving alone is with music. The radio channels provide an easy solution that doesn’t require much effort!

Installing the Ronin Factory Antenna is a snap! Just unscrew your old antenna and replace it with a new bullet antenna.

You don’t want to get stuck with an antenna that doesn’t work, do you? This premium bullet antenna is user-friendly and stylish. Perfect for those with Bluetooth or auxiliary input for audio. It comes with necessary Allen wrenches, so changing it yourself won’t take more than a couple of minutes!

The majestic Ford trucks have such a dominating presence that they leave their mark on everyone around them. That’s why I instantly fell in love with these bullet-shaped antennas—they’re just the perfect match!

6061 aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that has been anodized for protection, giving the antenna its sleek black finish. It’s designed to endure a lifetime!

The hard surface makes it easy to color match other parts of your vehicle’s interior or exterior design without chipping easily, like some cheaper alternatives might do over time if left untreated!

Additionally, this bullet antenna works with Dodge Ram, Super Duty, Raptor trucks, Ford F150, F250, and F350.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Dodge RAM (1994-2018) pickups and Ford F-Series trucks (1990-present).
  • For increased durability, the finish is anodized black.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Safe for automatic car wash and is made of solid aluminum.

#2. Trunknets Inc. Black Bullet Antenna for Ford F150 (2009-2021)

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

A lot goes into choosing an aftermarket accessory, such as customizing your vehicle’s appearance; however, there are still plenty that doesn’t require too much work and could provide instant gratification. Yes, I’m talking about the aesthetically pleasing black bullet antenna for your Ford F150.

A bullet-shaped antenna will give your truck an elegant and eye-catching look with all the features to match!

The Trunknets Inc. Short antenna is a sleek and modern way to fill your truck with sound, no matter where you go! You can enjoy high-quality radio programs while driving around town or cranking up the countryside stations.

The antenna is a 30 caliber bullet-style supporting model from the Ford F150 trucks (2009-2021). Its installation couldn’t be easier – just replace it with the stock antenna (with bare hands)

Key Features

  • It has a 30 caliber bullet design.
  • Perfect for F150 and Ford Raptor trucks.
  • It only takes a minute to set up.
  • Support auto car wash.
  • Catches FM signals throughout the city without a skip.

#3. Rydonair Optimized Stubby Antenna F150 (2009-2021)

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

A better antenna can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying your car radio. A quality FM/AM reception for the latest Ford trucks is what you need. But most people don’t realize that static could be interfering with their tunes if they’re not getting enough signals from surrounding areas or strong local stations broadcasting near them.

This Rydonair Ford F150 short antenna not only catches radio signals but delivers crisp sound as well.

You can use this short antenna with Ford F150 Raptor or F150 2021. Its solid construction and sleek design will keep you in touch no matter where life sends its way!

You love your truck; then it’s only natural that your vehicle accessories are just as important. This little guy stands at 7 inches and hardly sticks out at all from behind or in front of the rearview mirror.

This F150 short antenna is great for adding style points when driving down main streets or country roads.

It doesn’t matter how hard things get outside: This Antenna offers stability in all circumstances thanks to its sturdy construction made entirely of the lightweight yet durable bottom, which provides extra strength.

All you need now is to twist the screws into place and enjoy clear signal reception.

Key Features

  • 7-inch Ford F150 stubby antenna (2009-2021)
  • A substantial carbon fiber bottom guarantees better reception.
  • Rubber antenna with a strong build for better FM reception.
  • Materials that are resistant to the outside elements.

#4. AntennaMastsRus Ford F150 Rubber Antenna (2009-2021)

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

Do you need an affordable short antenna for F150? Consider this option from AntennaMastsRus! Tune in to the latest match updates and news with improved reception.

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The antenna is a tiny 6-¾ inches long and made of durable rubber. It is made of 304 stainless steel threading from Wisconsin!

In addition, it can withstand high temperatures without breaking down or fading due to its weather-resistant capabilities in any condition, which makes this item perfect for outdoor activities such as camping trips when you want the most reliable equipment possible on hand at all times (even if they’re not always used).

So, without a doubt, this is one of the best short antenna for F150. Unlike other car antennas that use brass threading that is prone to snapping at a car wash or during a storm!

AntennaMastsRus is an industry leader in supplying high-quality antenna solutions for your Ford. To protect the antenna base from corrosion, stainless steel threading is used.

Additionally, this short antenna is made of copper coil that is an 85% more efficient conductor than steel or aluminum, making them perfect for pulling in more stations easily!

Key Features

  • Made of copper coil for improved reception.
  • Threading in stainless steel for firmly attaching the antenna base.
  • Weatherproof and durable.
  • You can choose between 8 different colors and various sizes.

#5. Votex Copper Coil Replacement Antenna for F150

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

When camping far from home, it can be hard to get a good signal. That’s why to choose an antenna with copper inside for maximum reception and conductivity.

In fact, FM signals travel better over this metal than they do aluminum or steel, so don’t settle on anything less when your next adventure takes place out of town.

If you’re in the market for an antenna, consider going with a stubby model. They are durable and reliable than stock antennas when it comes down to performance and reception quality.

Votex antennas are some of my favorites because these short antennas offer superior durability compared to other types; they also have stainless steel threading which makes them the perfect choice for F150.

This is an excellent choice because of the fade-resistant composition. Perfect for those who want their car’s exterior to stand out and make them noticeable on busy roads!

Key Features

  • This flexible 6-3/4″ tall rubber antenna is car wash resistant.
  • 394 stainless steel threading provides a more secure connection.
  • Improved FM reception.
  • Can tolerate high summer temperatures.

#6. RONIN FACTORY Aftermarket Antenna for F150

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

There are several entertaining radio channels that will make you giggle, while other stations will provide you with useful news broadcasts. Ronin Factory Antenna will make sure to deliver all this great content right into your Ford F150.

The Ford owners must be proud of the visual appeal of this short antenna and the company’s attempt at making it difficult for thieves to steal. The antenna is designed with an anti-theft lock that makes snapping all but impossible!

Ronin Factory’s 4″ long antenna is a perfect match for your ride! It fits Ford F150 trucks and other models such as the F250, 350, and Raptor. Like everything else, Ronin Factory does best with this custom-fit short antenna with style written all over it.

Furthermore, all of the essential equipment is included in the package, making installation a snap!

This short antenna is safe for a car wash. The thanks, however, belong to its robust structure and strong connecting point. It also has Bluetooth and XM compatibility.

The FM reception of this short antenna is not only excellent, but customers report little to no skipping when riding in their Ford vehicles.

A stylish, modern appearance of an antenna is definitely a low-cost investment that also improves the looks of your Ford truck.

Key Features

  • 4 inches height short antenna has a modern feel.
  • Bluetooth and XM compatibility.
  • Anti-theft design.
  • It includes all of the necessary tools.

#7. VOFONO 7″ Spiral F150 Short Antenna

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

Ford truck owners can make their ride stand out with a short spiral antenna that’s both sleek and functional. Short antennas are easy to take care of, making them the best option for those who want a frequent car wash. They’re also great-looking additions to your Ford truck!

The Ford F150 stock antenna can be frustrating. The stock unit tilts whenever you drive through strong winds or near tall buildings, which causes interference with signals from nearby stations. Changing this out will allow more range without sacrificing comfort on long journeys, so that’s why we recommend upgrading!

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This short antenna is spiral-shaped that only stands 7” tall. The metal-lined inner core and flexible rubber housing make it sturdy but small enough to sit on your vehicle without taking up too much space!

VOFONO’s high-quality antennas are not only spiral, you can also choose from 5 different sizes from a tiny 4 inches up to 13”, which is perfect for any truck model. The pricing on these products makes them very affordable in comparison to brands and models that don’t come close to providing such great options or quality!

This short antenna is perfect for those who want a durable, ruggedized mount that can take some abuse. You won’t have to worry about this thing giving out on you when things get rough!

The radio coverage was very satisfactory and met our requirements.

In conclusion, this is among the best replacement antenna for F150 for the current price.

Key Features

  • Rubber structure with a spiral pattern.
  • Incredible wear resistance and durability.
  • You can choose from 5 different sizes ranging from 4 inches to 13 inches.
  • You can install the antenna without the need for any tools.

Short Bullet Antenna F150: Buying Guide

The Ford F-series trucks are known for their sleek exterior and durable construction, but that doesn’t mean they come without flaws. The stock antenna is among one of the more minor issues with this vehicle.

The top requirements for an aftermarket replacement antenna for F150 tend not only to be easy installation and removal as well as good reception in various environments; these must match up aesthetically too! And overall durability will depend largely upon what kind of material it is made of.

Here are a few specs to consider before adding short antennas onto your shopping cart:

Car Wash Safety

Short Bullet Antenna Car wash safety

After seeing an external rollover system at the filling station, It’s time for a car wash. When it comes to short antennas for your Ford F150, most will survive the rigorous wash and come out unscathed.

Going for the antenna with a carbon fiber base and a rubber exterior will help you stay tension-free.

The design of the stubby antenna base makes it perfect for securely fitting onto a car wash mitt. The flexible, rubber exterior protects against any damage when rinsing and applying soap to cars inside an enclosed area.

AM/ FM Reception

short antenna AM FM Reception

An F150 stubby antenna is an excellent tool for those who want clear, high-quality sound. They allow you to tune in to radio programs and listen without any static or distortion, making them perfect when there’s good coverage of frequencies around you!

However, if you enter a weaker signal area or an obstruction blocks some frequencies, then the stubby antennas might mainly experience some static on AM channels. But considering the Ford truck’s visual appeal worth trading for anything with stubby antennas.

Additionally, the antenna’s internal wiring system has an impact on the signal reception.

Quality of Internal Wires

Aftermarket car antenna internal wiring type is one the most important factors in determining how well your signal reception will be. 

Suppose there’s steel or aluminum wire inside the short antenna from which signal reception is expected. In that case, you can expect less than optimal performance because this does not conduct electricity as efficiently as copper does (according to simple science).

A stubby antenna with a copper wire will help you listen to radio programs loudly and clearly. After all, these are some of the most conductive materials on Earth!

For the best F150 short antenna, look for excellent copper wiring. It won’t matter if it’s only seven inches high as long your signal quality is up to snuff!


The short antenna for F150 is a great way to enhance your Ford truck’s radio reception. You’ll enjoy the uninterrupted program with the sophisticated touch it brings, whether it’s a 7″ bullet antenna or a stubby antenna.

But if you’re still a fence-sitter! The Ronin Factory bullet antenna is an excellent option for those looking to get the best size – excellent performance and high aesthetic.

You can’t go wrong with this stylish bullet antenna! Make sure it meets your needs —everyone’s got their budget when looking for a new car accessory.