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Top 3 Best Record Cleaning Solution in 2022

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The solution to your vinyl recorder’s embarrassing popping noise is simple. You need the right equipment, however—and it can’t be any easier than that!

A must-have for any vinyl junkie, cleaning your records regularly with the best record cleaning solution will keep them sounding their best.


Product Name

Editor's Rating


Premium Record Cleaning Solution by Record-Happy

5 out of 5

Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

5 out of 5

Audio-Technica AT634a Record Care Solution

4.5 out of 5

You can use a fluid or brush to clean the exterior of each side but be sure not to spill anything on it because that would surely ruin an otherwise perfect piece of equipment!

Cleaning is important both protectively and aesthetically – protecting against permanent damage while preserving its natural beauty with just enough care.

Many people use homemade remedies to get their vinyl records clean. But as per our experience, we only recommend using a proper record cleaning solution made specifically for this job.

Get ready for some serious listening with this complete Record Cleaning Solution. This deluxe kit has everything you need, including a great selection of cleaning concoctions and organic cotton swabs!

Deluxe Record Cleaning Kit




The Best Record Cleaning Solution

#1. Premium Record Cleaning Solution by Record-Happy

  • Safely Remove Dust Without Scratching

  • Highly Effective Record Cleaner

  • 6.7oz Premium Cleaning Solution

From the moment you open up your Record-Happy package, it will be clear that this is a company focused on providing quality products.

This record cleaning solution comes with everything needed for quick and easy record cleaning in just three steps: soak-, rinse-, dry! Plus, there are no harmful chemicals or solvents used during production, making them environmentally friendly too – not to mention the affordable price tag.

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A record collector must have the best cleaning supplies to keep their records clean and pristine. The included microfiber cloth is an excellent tool for removing dust from your vinyl without scratching it while also being anti-static – meaning that this will not damage any of its surfaces!

Its softness makes it gentle on delicate material like compact discs or tapes, too; no more scrubbing at stubborn stains with stiff bristles when you can get a perfect result using less effort in seconds flat!

What We Like

  • This product uses a one-of-a-kind composition to keep your records in good condition.
  • The cloth is made of a soft substance that allows for thorough cleaning without damage.
  • It’s adaptable and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including eyewear and smartphone displays.

#2. Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

  • Alcohol-Free! Safe for all vinyl

  • Comes with a smooth velvet brush

  • 50ml bottle can clean about 50 records

Previously, people had to clean their records using home remedies. Nowadays, with this 4-in1 record cleaning solution from Big Fudge, you can get the job done in just minutes!

You don’t want your precious memories of that album or song fading away on some dusty shelf, do ya? Well, thankfully, there’s now an easy way for all those vinyl enthusiasts out there.

You can keep your vinyl looking pristine with this cleaner. It has a 50ml bottle that will clean about 50 records!

The keeping bag, velvet, and stylus brush provide you with all the tools needed for a scratch-free clean. All these come included with this record cleaning solution.

Get ready to make your favorite records sound as good as new again with this product! Beginners can use this simple but efficient record cleaner, yet it still provides the best quality.

What We Like

  • It comes with a smooth velvet brush that won’t damage the record.
  • The complete package fits into a compact bag, making it convenient to keep.
  • This kit is simple to use and excellent for novices.

#3. Audio-Technica AT634a Record Cleaning Solution

  • Scientific record-care Formula

  • Gently removes Micro dust and other contaminant

  • Improves record fidelity and tracking

Stylus and record care solutions are essential for the protection of your precious music. Professionals have trusted this product, so you can be sure that it will do what its name says.

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This reliable record cleaning solution doesn’t include any harmful ingredients and will get the job done in no time.

This record cleaner comes with two main components: isopropyl alcohol and distilled water, which are highly effective at removing dirt from vinyl records without damaging them.

If you are looking for a way to keep your records clean, look no further than Record Care Solution. The package is one 60ml bottle but also includes AT620’s deluxe kit of record cleaning solution, which provides other helpful tools like cleaners and polishes that will help prevent contaminants from ruining sound quality on any vinyl material!

This product is great for playing vinyl in pristine condition! It removes all of that annoying “Static cling” between songs caused by friction from touching both sides together.

You can play your favorite records without worrying about any static or fingerprint residue ruining the sound.

What We Like

  • Contaminants and microdust are removed using a scientific composition.
  • It comes in a handy 60ml bottle.
  • It is anti-static; thus, static energy is removed from your recordings.

Record Cleaning Solution: Buying Guide


To keep your records clean, grab a record cleaner machine or solution.

Before getting a record cleaning solution, be sure to consider factors like the type of cleaning agent and if it’s organic-based or not; it will affect their quality over time in more ways than one!

Bottle Size

When buying fluid or solutions for your records, make sure that you buy the right amount. Most record cleaning solution come in bottles with 3-9 ounces, and they can lose effectiveness if not used often enough before their expiry date! 

So, only buy the right bottle size as per your requirements and always check the expiration date before purchasing!



When looking into record cleaning solutions, the most important thing is ensuring its safety for both us and our precious memories stored on these discs.

So make sure to buy cleaning products that won’t scratch or damage your disk. Some vinyl cleaners may contain harmful chemicals which could do more than just ruin the music; they could also harm you!

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Advantages of Using Record Cleaning Solutions

You should regularly clean your vinyl records to maintain the quality of sound. This is partly due to dust, dirt particles that can get on a record over time which affects its playback fidelity by causing pops or clicks when played back.

Let’s discuss a few key benefits of using a record cleaning solution.


One of the most frustrating things about vinyl records is when they stick to your turntable mat. Static electricity build-up can cause this, and it’s not good for you or those delicate grooves!

A record cleaning solution will remove any built-up static charge on a record so that no more particles attach themselves due to their attractive force with each other.

Increase the Record’s Lifespan by Improving the Sound Quality


If you want your precious vinyl’s sound quality to maintain its high quality, then record cleaning solutions are an excellent investment. This will extend the lifetime of all those records needing a good tidying up and help them play more without any pops or clicks!


cheap record cleaning solution

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly option, then cleaning solutions are your answer. A lot more people have started using them recently because these types of record cleaning solution will help save money while providing good results with little effort – making them excellent choices when considering the cost versus quality ratio.

How to Clean Vinyl Records?


Keep your vinyl records in pristine condition with a simple cleaning routine. Vinyl is still popular for its audio quality and unique listening experience. Still, the lack of care can result in fuzzy audio or even static build-up on outer surfaces, which will affect playback performance.

To get rid of dirt particles from groove walls and reduce noise pollution – wipe down both sides using a record cleaning solution and wipe moistened only enough so they don’t feel brittle while maintaining sudsing action across the entire surface area at once.