best rechargeable CR123A batteries

5 Best Rechargeable CR123A Batteries Review

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As technology is getting advanced, batteries have become an essential component of our daily life. Everything from flashlights to Bluetooth mouse, and countless other devices require some kind of battery.

The CR123A battery is among the most widely used. It is currently a typical household product due to its small design and long lifespan.

Yet, with so many knock-offs, finding a reliable battery may be difficult. A bad cr123a battery might cause a lot of problems.

To avoid this, we’ve picked the best rechargeable CR123A batteries from five well-known companies.

After following the guide below, you will be better positioned to buy only the BEST and ensure that your gadgets are operating at peak performance.

These are our top picks for the best rechargeable CR123A batteries:


Product Name

Editor's Rating


SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

5 out of 5

Duracell - 123 High Power Lithium Batteries

5 out of 5

EBL 3V 123 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

4 out of 5

What Is a CR123A Battery and What Are the Advantages of Using One?

To understand the CR123A battery, we need to dive into some basic chemistry.

However, to make things quick, we shall describe in layman’s terms.

The CR in the battery’s name implies that it has lithium. Thus, 123A is indicating that the battery is around two-thirds the size of a typical AAA battery.

That’s enough you need to know, so let’s discuss the advantages!


This is one of the primary reasons CR123A batteries have become so important and commonly used today. You can recharge them, so you won’t have to travel to the store several times to get new.

Because it is rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about the dying battery, simply putting them into a charger will get things going again.


The cr123a batteries and adapter (included) are both completely safe to use. They, unlike ordinary batteries, can withstand extreme heat and have a minimal risk of bursting.


Another important advantage of using CR123A batteries is their lightweight and small size.

When compared to normal battery packs, which take more space, you may carry CR123A batteries everywhere. This mobility option is ideal for travels and vacations away from home.

5 Best Rechargeable CR123A Batteries

#1. SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

  • Optimized For High-drain Use In Flashlights

  • 10-year Shelf Life

  • Made in USA

The SureFire 123A is unquestionably among the best rechargeable CR123A batteries on the market, custom-produced in the United States with a great history of excellence. These batteries are designed to carry a powerful punch.

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They are twice as strong as regular alkaline batteries, which have a voltage output of 1.5V. They are also significantly lighter than their regular equivalents. They weigh around half as much, making them conveniently portable.

The fact that this product is available in so many different sizes is amazing. There are plenty of pack sizes to select from, including a pack of 2, 6, 12, 72, and even you can get a pack of 400.

Unlike many batteries, which fail during use, the SureFire CR123A battery offers excellent voltage maintenance. This implies that it maintains a constant voltage for up to 95 percent of its lifecycle. Even at large discharge rates, the impact will be minimal.

With an extended shelf life of up to 10 years, this CR123A battery is perfect for various emergency needs.


  • 3V batteries having a capacity of 1550mAh.
  • Batteries are having a high-temperature tolerance; capable of handling fluctuation.
  • Temperature and defect (short-circuit) protection is integrated.
  • Designed for high-drain usage in torches.


  • It comes in a shoddy box container.

#2. Duracell – 123 High Power Lithium Batteries

  • 3.0 Volts High Power Lithium Battery

  • Long Lasting Performance

  • Designed For Cameras, Clocks, And More

It will be unfair not to mention the Duracell brand while reviewing the best CR123A rechargeable batteries,  a brand based on trust that never fails to impress.

Duracell CR123A batteries are extra-safe for your gadgets. They are totally anti-leak with no damaging electrolytes around your devices, thanks to sophisticated technology.

It is typical for a battery to drop power over time, eventually burning out with continuous usage. On the other hand, these batteries are unique; they keep their strength even under high-drain usage.

This item may be used in a variety of devices, including torches, gadgets, clocks, and more, making it extremely practical in any scenario. In addition, with a 3V capacity, they supply more voltage than most ordinary batteries, indicating their reliability.

Moreover, the Duracell CR123A battery is designed to outlive other counterparts. So it’s no surprise that this battery is among the BEST, given their 10-year prolonged storage.

Highlights and Key Features

  • It is multipurpose and supports a range of devices.
  • There is a built-in anti-leak system.
  • For significant power, it has a 3V rating.
  • Guaranteed storage for up to 10 years.

#3. EBL 3V 123 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack

  • 3v Usb Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

  • Built-in Micro Usb Port

  • Quick Full Charge In 2 Hours

Few products can match this one when it comes to rechargeable CR123A batteries for torches or any other gadget. This battery has a strong recharge cycle.

With a volume of 800mAh, this CR123A battery is exceptionally long-lasting. Secondly, while it is most commonly used for cameras, it is also appropriate for lamps, toys, and clocks.

It has a built-in USB port for greater usability. You can sometimes be in a location with no power sockets. If this is the case, a USB port may come in handy.

You can connect it to your notebook or almost any portable USB power bank to recharge it on the go.

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The number of charge cycles this battery supports is reasonably large. Because of no memory impact at 1200 recharge cycles, the charging capacity will not decrease over time, nor will discharge happen. Both of these things help to extend battery performance.

It also has turbo-charging. In about 2 hours, you may charge the full 4-pack at the same time. You can even track the charging process with an LED indicator.

Highlights and Key Features

  • A decent charging cycle of up to 1200.
  • USD Port for charging
  • Support various devices
  • Turbo-Charging

#4. Arlo Certified Tenergy 3.7V Rechargeable Battery 

  • 650mah Of True Capacity

  • Can Be Recharged Up To 500 Times

  • 12 Months Warranty

It would be a pity not to include a Tenergy product in our list of the best CR123A rechargeable batteries. This rechargeable battery pack is excellent for security cameras.

In fact, this device is well-known for being the first rechargeable battery specifically designed for security cameras. That is a significant reputation.

This product supports over 500 charge cycles, which is pretty decent.  You don’t have to dispose of a battery every couple of weeks, which is good for the environment as well.

This also includes a monitor system that alerts the charger upon voltage fluctuation. Moreover, it comes with overheat and overcharges protection.

This product has been thoroughly tested by IEC-62133, UL-1642,  and other organizations.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Tested by many reputable authorities.
  • Advanced protection and alert system.
  • Best overall for security cameras
  • Recharge-cycle of over 500.

#5. Panasonic CR123A Lithium 3V Photo Lithium Batteries

  • 10-year Shelf Life

  • Support High-Drain Usage

  • Overheat Protection

Panasonic’s 4-pack lithium batteries managed to be on our list of the best CR123A batteries.

The package includes four batteries, and each has a voltage of 3V, which is considerably greater than typical alkaline battery packs. Each battery weighs only 0.6oz (17 grams), making it ideal for traveling.

This battery is created with protection in mind. Because the battery does not overheat, there is no danger of a burst. This guarantees that your gadget runs properly regardless of the weather condition.

One more advantage of this product is that it functions well with all gadgets; so, you will not have to rush to the shop every once in a while to find a suitable battery.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Reliable with a 10-year shelf life
  • Used in LED flashlights, alarm systems, and more
  • Overheat Protection
  • Cells are lightweight and ideal for long-term storage.

Buying Guide for CR123A Rechargeable Batteries

After reading about the five best CR123A rechargeable batteries may appear to be enough knowledge to make a buying choice. Even so, we tried to overdeliver by compiling this buying guide to assist you in making a more informed decision.

Take a note of the following key aspects to consider before hitting the add to cart button.

Long Life

Before buying a battery, first, you should check its shelf-life. Evaluate the power capacity to determine how much energy a cell stores. The greater, the better in this situation, particularly if you plan to use the battery in torches.

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A strong CR123A battery can hold up to 3500mAh of electricity and discharge up to 1OA. If the discharge is unimportant to you, buy the largest capacity batteries and utilize them for a prolonged period.


A combination of elements determines the efficiency of a cell. They are as follows: the gadget being operated, the heat, the age of the battery, and the level of power consumption. Some batteries sometimes fail to function due to temperature fluctuations, while others are not appropriate for high-drain devices. Nonetheless, a high-quality battery will work well in any situation.


The cost of a single unit is the second factor to consider. These batteries are typically sold in packs, which makes good sense because it is significantly more economical. To summarize, you should save some money while still getting the best quality product that meets your needs.


Every year, tons of batteries, particularly non-rechargeable batteries, are thrown in dumps. Some of them include harmful or reactive components that might be dangerous if not handled correctly. Toxic metals such as cadmium and mercury pose a risk to the environment.

As a result, ensure that the cells you purchase can be reused yet do not hold any hazardous components. By choosing a convenient means, you may help to decrease toxic pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does a CR123A battery last?

The best CR123A battery will keep you going for about ten years. However, within a few years, you may notice a decline in battery capacity.

  1. Do CR123A Batteries Overheat?

They do, however, only after prolonged usage. CR123A batteries have robust heat protection systems.

  1. Are CR123A Batteries Safe?

Yes, they are pretty safe. CR123A batteries are well insulated, with no room for leakage.

  1. How to Safely Dispose of a Battery?

They should not be thrown away since there is a possibility of leakage. There are dedicated places where old batteries can be disposed of; you should check in your city.

If the battery leaked, don’t try to take the battery out. If it is within the gadget, take it to a repair facility to be securely removed.

If the battery is not inside a device, you should wear gloves then dispose of it.


That’s all we’ve got.

We hope that our detailed reviews helped you select the best option. However, don’t be too cost-conscious; you can save a few bucks with a cheap battery, but it may break your equipment.

As a result, it’s advisable to go with something reliable yet within your budget. That being said, here’s a brief summary.

The SureFire 123A is the finest all-around choice, while the Duracell – 123 High Power is the most adaptable. The EBL 3V 123A offers the most extended shelf life, while the Panasonic CR123A is the most affordable.