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Top 7 Best Printer for Printing Labels in 2022 | Buying Guide

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Printers are so popular that over a trillion of them have been sold worldwide in 2019 alone! The most commonly bought printer is undoubtedly a label printer which can be used for different purposes, from making customized labels to personalizing products.

It cannot be easy to find the best printer for printing labels. There are so many options, and you may spend hours trying them all out before realizing that your search will end in frustration and money wasted on products with poor quality printing or features that don’t meet what’s necessary for a successful business venture!

Thankfully we’re here to help – our research has resulted in the 7 best label printers from industry leaders like HP, Brother Industries Ltd., ROLLO, and DYMO.

Our Recommended Best Printer For Printing Labels


Product Name

Editor's Rating


DYMO Label Writer 4XL Thermal Label Printer

5 out of 5

ROLLO Commercial Grade Product Label Printer

5 out of 5

HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Printer for Printing Labels

4.5 out of 5

Advantages of Using Printer for Label Making

Advantages of Using Printer for printing labels

A printer is a perfect tool for making labels. In this section, we will go over a few of its benefits and advantages to give you an idea of why it might be your best option!

No Need For Bulk Printing Orders

Bulk printing orders for the items in your home or office can be tedious and time-consuming. However, if you are using a printer for label printing that prints directly onto paper without requiring an additional press of any kind, then this task becomes much easier!

The amount of time and money saved from printing only what is needed will allow more creativity with design ideas – giving customers exactly what they want at the best price.

Print Whatever, Whenever You Want

This is one of the most obvious advantages. Printing labels and tags on the fly are simple with the help of a printer for label making. All you have to do is print out any idea, design, or logo on a whim!

You won’t get stuck trying to fix something that’s not right when using one of these machines because they allow quick experimentation in seconds instead of hours like bulk printers can sometimes take up before we know what works best from the start-to-end.

The label printers help make sure no mistakes are made during testing by providing instant results that ensure quality control – even while printing large quantities such as 100s or 1000s (or more).

Online Connectivity

wireless label printer

Modern label printers are more than just traditional printers. They can connect wirelessly and receive an internet connection, which means you can access your Label Printer from anywhere.

Our Top 7 Best Printer for Printing Labels in 2021

Here we’ve reviewed the 7 best printers for printing labels. These brands have been carefully selected to match different needs and budgets. With these choices in mind, let’s go over what each one has to offer.

Hopefully, this will make your decision easier!

#1. DYMO 1755120 Label Writer 4XL Thermal Label Printer

  • Print XL Shipping Labels

  • Highly Customizable

  • Great For Online Sellers

The DYMO 1755120 Label Writer is one of their best printer for printing labels, and it’s not difficult to see why. This label printer comes with 60 templates available that allow you an unparalleled level of flexibility when designing your own label designs without limits or restrictions on style or size!

You can print out 4″ x 6″ sized tags for specialty labels, such as identification ones.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose from 60 built-in label templates, so you’re almost guaranteed an option for any purpose.

This time-saving feature also allows new users and creative minds to experiment with different design styles – perfect if your style is leaning towards more modern or traditional designs!

The possibilities for customization are endless with DYMO pre-installed software. You can make text and graphics manipulation work together to give you precisely what it takes.

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The rate at which this label printer can produce 53 4-line addresses labels per minute will ensure that you never waste a single minute of your time.

You can use this product without installing any special software on your computer. This is because it runs both on Mac and Windows operating systems, making its compatibility with different devices greater than most other label printers available in stores today!

With the ability to print stamps as well, this device can be used for both label production and stamp printing that measure ½” long and 1″ wide. It is a versatile printer that will suit your needs in any industry or setting with its many functions.

Key Features

  • It can also be used as a stamp printer.
  • It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • There are more than 60 free templates to select from.
  • It comes with pre-installed graphic editing software.

#2. ROLLO Commercial Grade Product Label Printer

  • Works with any Thermal Direct Label

  • Save hundreds of dollars on label costs

  • High Speed Printing at 150mm/s

The Rollo label printer is as reliable and efficient as a device could be. It’s one of their best printer for product labels, with its latest thermal technology processes them lightning fast!

This product is the best of its kind, with cutting-edge working technology that works seamlessly on any thermal label. This means you can save money by not needing to buy the costly labels at all!

The product can be used for labels with a width ranging from 1.57 inches to 4.1 inches, including both thick and thin ones, without any restrictions on the height of your label!

Simplifying your life with Labels is more than just a one-time deal. With the ability to create labels for various purposes, such as warehouses and barcodes, you can save time on repetitive tasks that would otherwise take up valuable work hours between projects!

Printing isn’t a hassle anymore with this printer. The speed of 150mm/s is faster than most commercial printers out there, so you’ll save money in the long run while enjoying better quality prints every time!

There’s no need for expensive ink or toner either- it doesn’t use any at all, thanks to its fast printing capability (which also means less environmental waste).

With both Mac and Windows compatibility, this label printer will provide you seamless access across all platforms. Plus, their customer service is available through email or phone if ever something does go wrong.

Key Features

  • Reliable Customer Service.
  • Works well with both Mac and Windows.
  • With a print speed of 150mm/s, you can get a lot done in a short time.
  • Labels have no height limits.

#3. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Printer for Printing Labels

  • Bluetooth, Smart, improved Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Spend less on ink and never run out

  • Wide range of paper size support

The HP Envy 5055 is a printer with many features and an affordable price tag. HP is a brand that has long been known for its office electronics. This product not only inspires envy but also provides an excellent work experience to those who use it!

You can now get your work done without ever being disconnected. With this printer’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, printing has become faster than ever before! Just print out what you need from anywhere as soon as it’s ready.

Perfect for those who are always on their feet or want a more efficient workspace experience.

This versatile machine is the perfect addition to any small business as it prints product labels and scans and copies documents with high quality.

This printer is compatible with the HP Smart app. Not only does it allow you to wirelessly print from social media sites, but also through Google Drive cloud storage!

This amazing product also helps cut down on occasions where someone might have forgotten their printer ink. It can auto-detect low ink levels and pre-order them for you.

You can use the different sizes of paper to see which one complements your design best. Whether you work with 4 by 6 inch or 8 1/2 x 11, there are many options in between!

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connectivity with computers.
  • Comes with an ink pre-order mechanism.
  • It also functions as a copier and scanner.

#4. Brother P-touch PTD-600 Label Maker

  • Smart compact design with large keyboard

  • Full color, high resolution display with backlight

  • Works with a PC or MAC

The PTD 600 is a sleek, futuristic-looking device that will show you the labels you are making in real-time. Its compact structure and keyboard style appearance gives an overall modern feel to your workspace or home office!

With the QWERTY keyboard and color display, you can easily edit the text on your label. This makes designing easy for anyone who isn’t as comfortable with a computer or device explicitly designed to work in this manner. Furthermore, it connects seamlessly between Mac & Windows.

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The unique part is how versatile these features really are, from viewing outlines while creating designs all the way down to edit them right there too!

You can choose from a wide range of templates and designs if you connect to your computer. There is no limit on creativity when it comes to creating custom-made designs!

These designs will be stored on our PC so that you always have them available in case future projects require one of these particular formats or styles.

You have access to an extensive font library with 14 fonts and 11 styles at your fingertips. Alongside this free-flowing choice is an internal memory setting allowing users who like saving their favorite combinations.

The battery and power supply are combined in one device to provide uninterrupted use. With the provided AC adapter and the cable, you can continue using your product when the battery power is unavailable.

This label printer comes equipped with a backlight that shines up the workspace, providing you with a clear and unhindered vision of what’s happening on-screen no matter where it is placed or how much light there may be around!

Key Features

  • It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • There is a huge font and font style library to pick from.
  • It can be powered by batteries.
  • A handy keyboard for quick inputs.

#5. DYMO 450 Direct Thermal Label Printer

  • Speedy Labeling

  • Create labels directly from WORD, EXCEL

  • Eliminates the cost of ink and toner

The DYMO 450 is the second thermal label printer on our list from this company that you should invest in if ink and cost are a concern.

This label printer is equipped with a direct thermal technology that eliminates ink costs and saves you money.

This Label Machine is the perfect item for those looking to print labels on-demand. It has a fast and efficient print speed that can produce over 51 labels per minute with an amazing printing speed!

To help you get started, this incredible machine comes with pre-installed software, so all it takes from there are your designs – which will be saved as files within seconds.

With this product, you can transform the text in MS Office files into a label that’s perfect for your needs. This is useful if time and variety are essential factors when deciding on one single design or color of ink to use!

This Tiny Whoop is the perfect lightweight label printer that weighs only 2.2 pounds. If you frequently travel for work, this device will fit easily in your bag with plenty of room to spare!

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Can print directly from a Word or Excel document
  • Direct Thermal printing technology.
  • No Ink Required

#6. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer 4×6

  • One minute to set up

  • Auto Analyze and learn your label

  • Multi-Compatibility

Do you need a printer that can handle all of your office needs? Well, we have the perfect one for you! This monochrome thermal barcode-generating machine is just what anyone would be looking to buy.

This versatile thermal label printer supports all windows and Mac OS systems. With its intuitive and straightforward interface, the program is easy for anyone to use. You can create labels from scratch or customize one that already exists in just moments!

This product is a versatile labeling solution for any business, providing you with the versatility and flexibility to create your own unique customized labels. It can print Avery labels if that’s what best suits your needs.

This high-quality thermal printer has so many uses beyond just printing out standard logos or text; there are several ways it could be put into action to help ensure all aspects of an operation run smoothly from the start (food safety) through the finish line(warehouse logistics).

It can print labels with an automatic identification technology to detect and insert the label into your printer. It has a wide range of dimensions perfect for industrial or office tasks, which vary from 1.7″ -4 “1”.

Now you can go about your day without waiting for the device to finish printing. With a top speed of 150mm/s, label production will be faster than ever before!

One of the most environmentally friendly types of printers, eco printers are also known for their silence. As they do not use or utilize ink in any way, these machines have no risk from leaks that can be hazardous to users’ health and safety if liquid comes into contact with them unexpectedly, making them the go-to printers for environmentally conscious users.

Key Features

  • Labels can be identified automatically.
  • It does not require ink to work.
  • You can print a variety of labels.
  • Fast Printing

#7. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Printer for Color Labels

  • Includes enough ink to print upto 6,500 pages

  • Save upto 80 percent on ink

  • Auto 2-sided printing

The ET-2750 is the go-to for any business looking to print color labels at an affordable price. With a whopping 5000 page capacity in one tank of ink, this is a top-of-the-line printer for any professional or home office that needs big-time performance with high capacity.

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You will never need to worry about running out of ink again with this printer. This product provides uninterrupted printing for up to 2 years, with the ink in each box lasting that long.

One of the reasons this is the best printer for color labels is that it can print up to 5200 pages in color and 6500 pages black-and-white. This means you will be able to print in bulk without worrying about cartridge replacement.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can get a low-cost refill for around 80% cheaper than a regular replacement. This is a cost-saving option and one worth considering.

The universal OS compatibility of this device ensures that it will work with any computer, no matter what operating system you’re using. It also works great on Macs!

Your printer can be more intelligent than ever with Wi-Fi support and the ability to receive commands straight from your computer or tablet. Watch as it prints out whatever you want, whenever!

It also supports double-sided printing. There’s always room for more savings when using double-sided printers with their higher efficiency and lower cost per page than single side models – which may be why many businesses have recently started upgrading from older technology versions to these innovative new machines.

Key Features

  • Support double-sided printing.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to laptops or mobiles.
  • Compatible with Windows versions higher than 8.0, as well as Mac.
  • Very cost-effective Ink usage.

Best Printer for Printing Labels: Buying Guide

Best Printer for Printing Labels- Buying Guide

Now we will dive into the detail of how you can find the best printer for printing labels.

The following section will provide some key features to look for that could help choose an efficient, quality product at an affordable price.

Look for the Label Size Support

label printing size

One of the most crucial aspects of choosing a label printer is knowing what size labels you need and print them. Most people invest lots on fancy-looking label printers only for later finding out that their purchase doesn’t work well with the particular task at hand due to lack of label size flexibility; this leaves buyers disappointed.

Triple check that you’re buying the right printer for your label size.

You don’t need an industrial scale label printer to save money and time if your product size is similar to matchboxes or smaller.

If you are looking to print large labels, it’s best to get one that can handle the size. Printing labels over 10 inches wide will require an industrial scale label printer.

Easy To Operate

user friendly label printer

A printer that prints labels is not as complicated to use as you might think. However, there are still some specifications worth knowing about for the best results- like what kind of input formats will work with this particular model? The capacity and volume at which it will print your labels quickly – these few things are essential for using one successfully!

The best printer for printing labels is one that allows people to use it easily. The more complicated a machine, the less likely someone will want it because they can get frustrated with buttons and menus if not trained correctly.

Ink Quality

label printer ink quality

The best printers for color labels are those that have the most vibrant and long-lasting inks. The ink must be able to stay on your products, so you don’t end up with a bunch of messy strands or running off after printing is complete.

To ensure your labels last for years, make sure they’re printed on the best printer for making labels with durable inks.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad you’ve made this far to the conclusion, but if you followed our recommendations, you should be confident of getting the best printer for printing labels.

No matter what stage of the label printing process you are at, it’s worth reading this guide. Perhaps by the time you’re done with all these tips and tricks for beginners as well as experts alike, our guide may be able to answer any questions that may come up in your mind about purchasing a new printer or upgrading an old one!

With any luck, this article has helped you find the best printer for printing labels. Now it is up to you to choose one! Thank you for reading; have a super day 🙂