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7 Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna Reviews: 360° Long Range

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Choosing the best antenna involves an extensive understanding of the antenna’s effectiveness and signal strength reception. As a result, signal analyses are always the first point to enquire about before getting an antenna. It’s never been simpler or less expensive to watch HD quality television.

A best omnidirectional TV antenna may provide better reception than satellites and cable TVs.  The primary reason behind this is that the signal you get is not compressed. As a result, you may receive the greatest clarity for free with omnidirectional TV antennas! But nowadays, there are several fake devices on the market, so you should better do your own research or simply pick from our best omnidirectional tv antenna reviews below.

Selecting the most efficient ones can be challenging. That is why I have compiled a list of the seven best omnidirectional tv antennas that will improve your entertainment experience, particularly if you love watching local stations.


Product Name

Editor's Rating


1byone 360° Long Range

5 out of 5

ANTOP AT-415B 720°

5 out of 5

Lava Omnipro HD-8008

4.5 out of 5

Long-distance antennas can receive a signal from up to 100 miles away. This ensures that the data transmission is optimum. If you live near a TV tower, then you don’t need a long-range antenna.

Furthermore, you may enjoy the greatest Dolby digital audio performance when watching your favorite shows. So, if you are concerned about your expenses, you can opt to skip cable or satellite TV to favor a high-quality TV antenna that meets your demands.

7 Best Omnidirectional TV Antennas

No question getting the best TV antenna will help you enjoy the HD TV.  As a result, out of the numerous brands available, I have chosen seven. As per my findings, they are outstanding. I thoroughly examined their qualities, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1. 1byone 360° Long Range: Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

  • 360 ° Omni-Directional Reception

  • Up To 150+ Miles Range

  • Weather Resistant & Durable

This omnidirectional TV antenna supports 360-degree coverage. So, you don’t have to rotate or adjust its direction. You just need to mount it; after that, it is plug & play. You will get additional channels like ABC and NBC because of this TV antenna’s strong VHF signal reception.

You can enjoy a full signal reception of up to 150 miles with this long-range TV antenna. You can watch multiple broadcasts, including the local HD channels, for free. 

As this TV antenna is made effectively weather-resistant, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows with uninterrupted signal reception regardless of the weather condition. It is also resistant to UV radiation. As a result, its long-term viability is assured. As a result, it is regarded among the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas.

Furthermore, it includes a 90-day guarantee that is fully refundable in the event of a malfunction. In addition, you will receive customer service for one full year. As a result, if you have any reception issues, you will be provided with technical support.


  • There are no monthly fees.
  • Durability.
  • Long-range signal reception of up to 150 miles
  • Weather-resistant.
  • 360-degree coverage


  • It’s rather pricey.

#2. Upgraded Version – ANTOP AT-415B 720° Amplified Omnidirectional TV Antenna

  • 720° Complete Coverage

  • Build in 4G LTE Filter

  • SIMPLE SET-UP in 5 minutes

This antenna’s coverage will astound you. It receives UHF and VHF signals at 360 degrees horizontal and vertical. This feature certifies this product as the best omnidirectional antenna that you can mount on a wall, balcony, roof, or attic.

Because it receives signals from all directions, you may place it anywhere without causing frequency disruptions. The installation process is simple, no need to pay extra for the installation as you can easily set it up yourself.  It will just take between five to ten minutes.

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This antenna comes with a 4G filter that can eliminate the impact of surrounding mobile phone signals. Because this is an upgraded ANTOP antenna, the additional technological advances improve efficiency.

Service quality is assured, as you may return the item for a refund in thirty days if the product is not delivering what it claims. Furthermore, customer care representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for technical support.


  • A total of 720 degrees coverage
  • Filter for 4G LTE noise.
  • A full refund is guaranteed.
  • It operates on both UHF and VHF bands.


  • Weather resistance is a bit weak

#3. Lava Omnipro HD-8008 Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna

  • 125 Mile Range Omni Directional

  • Over One Million Sold in USA

  • Connect TWO or More TVs

As per the maker of this antenna, the channels you received depends on your location. Some users claim to have gotten more than 20 HD channels. Imagine having access to all HD channels in your area without having to spend a penny.

You’ll not feel any service disruption during bad weather. As a result, it will not interrupt your favorite shows due to a weak or non-existent signal.

Moreover, it makes your life easier as it can receive signals from every direction, so you don’t have to adjust manually. On the other hand, Your location is quite important. So, before getting this antenna, you should check the signal availability of local channels in your area.

This omnidirectional antenna supports UHF and VHF, guaranteeing strong signal reception. All of these qualities improve the antenna’s performance.


  • Receive signals from every direction.
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Versatile.
  • Water-resistant


  • Signal reception varies depending on the surroundings.

#4. ANTOP Outdoor TV Antenna: 360° Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna

  • Anti-UV Coating And Waterproof

  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter

  • High Gain Reception Technology

It has been carefully built to withstand various weather conditions. UV rays are not interfered with by the coated portion. It also has an incredible 360-degree signal reception. As a result, you don’t have to rotate it. If you are looking for a quality 360 degrees TV antenna, you might consider getting this omnidirectional antenna.

You may also alter it to get the ideal receiving range. Furthermore, because its 4G LTE filter removes all disruption, it ensures a stable noise-free signal. Mobile devices are the most common sources of such signals. This means you may use your smartphone while still enjoying noise-free uninterrupted transmission.

This antenna comes with a required toolkit, so you don’t have to pay extra for the installation.  In addition, you’ll get a one-year warranty and comprehensive customer support. This omnidirectional antenna has a beautiful look and can also be used indoors.


  • Weather-resistant.
  • 4G LTE Filter.
  • Suitable for long and short-range signals.


  • It’s rather pricey.

#5. 1byone 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna

  • 720° Reception Digital HDTV Antenna

  • Built-in Pre-Amplifier and 4G LTE Filter

  • Up to 150 Miles+ Long Range

One significant issue with omnidirectional antennas is that they have problems with lower range signals. This particular TV antenna by 1byone with a 720-degree Omnidirectional coverage is the solution to that issue.

This is one of the best outdoor TV antennas on our list due to its capacity to capture signals from up to 150 miles away with a 720 degrees coverage. With this antenna, you don’t have to adjust the beam width or height manually. You’ll get signals from low and high-frequency bands.

Furthermore, the built-in amplifier allows you to enhance signals quality without paying the extra bucks.  Get higher-quality UHV bands at a reasonable price. An extra 4G LTE filter improves the sound quality as well.

The antenna’s IC chips provide free HD channels. You’ll enjoy premium quality with a sharp and clear image. This omnidirectional TV antenna comes with a 32 feet RG6U cable for easy installation. The innovative UFO style looks excellent on any attic or roof.

Highlights and Key Features:

  • 720-degree signal coverage
  • No manual adjustment required to catch low-range frequencies. 
  • The latest technology with a 4G filter provides free HD channels of superb quality.
  • Better signal reception with a beautiful UFO design.
  • Easy installation with a free 32 feet RG6U cable.

#6. KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna

  • Support VHF/UHF/FM signals

  • Portable and Compact

  • No Tuning Needed

Travel-friendly omnidirectional HDTV antenna isn’t something you see often. So, if you come across a great one, we strongly advise you to get it. This omnidirectional antenna from King is ideal for any home due to its portable and small design.

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You can also install this on recreational vehicles (RVs). It has a sleek appearance and is virtually undetectable. But don’t be misled by the tiny size, as this omnidirectional TV antenna is quite effective. This device is useful for both VHF and UHF transmissions, and it can also receive FM radio signals.

Because there is no setup involved, this product is ideal for travelling. Simply attach the antenna to your Television, and it will take care of the rest.

Over-the-Air antennas like this are often dome-shaped and do not require to set up in a specific direction. Being a 360-degree capable device, it can receive the signal from any direction. You’ll get to watch free HD channels.

No manual tuning required; the pre-amplified antenna enables you to obtain additional channels with better visual and audio quality.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Small and Portable Design
  • No manual tuning or installation required.
  • 360-degree coverage with no manual adjustments 
  • Get VHF and UHF channels, as well as FM transmissions.
  • Pre-amplified antenna to get the best quality channels.

#7. Five Star Omnidirectional Hdtv Antenna

  • Excellent UHF And VHF Signal Reception

  • Build-in 4G LTE Filter

  • Weather Resistant & Durable

The HDTV omnidirectional TV antenna has everything. It is long-lasting, provides additional channels, ensures a better-quality image and sound, and supports  360-degree coverage.

An integrated dipole guarantees that you get all of the channels you want, plus some extras. It has a built-in antenna amplification system. So, you don’t have to spend additional bucks on it.

You’ll get a full 360-degree signal coverage without manual rotations. In addition, this Omnidirectional TV antenna also has a 4G LTE noise filter. Due to this 4G filter, you can freely use mobile phones and other electric devices near this antenna.

In addition, the antenna increases image clarity, color, and audio to provide you with the highest quality TV channels.

With a signal range of 150 miles or more, this is undoubtedly one of the best omnidirectional TV antennas of our selection. You can have access to HD VHF and UHF channels. This antenna is built to last and is resistant to UV rays, snow, rain, and high winds.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Weatherproof; no matter rain or storm, you’ll get strong signals.
  • The 4G LTE filter increases efficiency.
  • Get additional channels with improved image and audio quality.
  • 150+ miles signal coverage.
  • Built-in antenna amplifier, no additional payment for it.

Buyer’s Guide for Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Selecting a high-quality omnidirectional TV antenna is simple only if you have some key points in mind. This is how you find the best omnidirectional antenna.

Antenna’s Range and Signal Strength

omnidirectional tv antenna

The signal strength surrounding you determines how good a transmission your Omnidirectional TV antenna can catch. However, having a long-range capable TV antenna will undoubtedly helpful.

Read the specifications of the antenna you’re considering to discover how strong it is. In general, a strong 360-degree TV antenna will provide higher image quality, but a long-range antenna will catch signals from further away.

If there are no broadcast towers in your region, you should consider the range of the TV antenna you choose. An omnidirectional TV antenna with a wide area coverage can help you get better reception and image clarity.

Antenna Amplifiers

Because Omni antennas have difficulty catching distant signals, It is recommended to buy an antenna amplifier. They enable antennas to fetch signals from long distances. An amplifier will also improve the signal quality received at a short distance.

Many suppliers charge an additional fee for amplifiers. However, this is ineffective. You can get the same with long range omnidirectional TV antennas for a considerably cheaper rate. So, if you really feel the need for an antenna amplifier and you can afford it, you should buy it. Overall, we thought it was needless.

Height of Antenna

antenna height

Antenna’s height might assist you in resolving any interruption issues. Even if you put your TV antenna in an area with no obvious barriers, there may be some sneaky obstacles.

Tall structures or electric gadgets in your home are two of the most common sources of disruption. Because you can’t eliminate these impediments, a taller antenna may be the answer.

Having taller antennas that are above the barriers can receive a strong signal with ease. So, the antenna’s height is also a particular feature to look for if you reside in a hilly region and want a better signal with little interruption.

Channels in Your Area

A few online websites like Antennas Direct and FCC DTV Reception Maps allow you to enter your postcode and see what channels are accessible in your area. These sites will also show you whether a channel is VHF or UHF, allowing you to select a suitable omnidirectional TV antenna.

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You may also determine where the channels originate so that you can choose the best TV antenna for your needs.

Checking this ahead of time will give you an idea of what TV channels you can receive. If your preferred station is aired from a great distance, you will need a long-range antenna. Otherwise, you may not receive a better picture or sound quality.

Buying an omnidirectional TV antenna without first considering the reception and range in your area will not yield the intended results.


If the antenna’s supplier does not mention the type of channels they support, it is fair to assume that they offer UHF. This is since the UHF signals are fairly easy to detect.

Channels with lower numbers are often VHF, whereas channels with higher numbers are UHF. A high-quality or well-known omnidirectional antenna will catch both UHF and VHF signals and provide superior coverage for UHF broadcasts.

The type of antenna you need depends on your preferred channels. If you spend most of your time watching UHF channels, invest in an omnidirectional antenna that catches UHF signals, especially for the greatest results.

Or buy the one that handles both UHF and VHF. So, you may watch both types of broadcasts in great quality.

How to Mount Omni Directional Antenna

The mounting of an omnidirectional TV antenna is simple, especially in comparison to a directional TV antenna. However, even the most powerful omnidirectional TV antenna would be useless if it is not properly installed. The procedure is fairly simple, with only a few pointers to bear in mind.


You must ensure that the antenna is properly aligned and levelled.  Keep the wires straight for optimal outcomes. Make no attempt to bend or fold them around the pole. It may take a little more room, but the result is well worth the effort.

Remove the Impediments

First, you should check if any obvious barriers might interfere with the signal. This may be anything that conducts electricity, such as buildings or LEDs. You can minimize the obstacles by placing your antenna high enough since they can cause the signal to be distorted or detuned.

Antenna Height

Omnidirectional antennas have difficulty catching signals at low height. So mount them at a proper height where any visible barrier can’t interrupt the signals. But try to keep the antenna at a mid-level height to get both low and high range signals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re still unsure about omnidirectional TV antennas, read through the answers to these frequently asked questions.

  1. What is an omnidirectional TV antenna? 

An omnidirectional TV antenna is a receiver for broadcasts that do not require angle adjustment. Instead, it catches signals from all directions, ensuring a better and more consistent transmission all the time.

  1. How to improve the signal strength?

Install the omnidirectional TV antenna at a location free of obstructions such as walls or tall buildings. Mounting them at a higher place might help to boost signals.

  1. Can aluminum foil boost signals?

Applying aluminum foil over directional TV antennas has shown some improvement, while findings with omnidirectional TV antennas have been ambiguous. Nevertheless, you can try to see if it works for you.

  1. What are omnidirectional TV antenna amplifiers?

These amplifiers can modestly increase signal quality and reach. However, the result is not worth the amount that you pay for it. A long-range omnidirectional TV antenna will provide considerably better outcomes.

  1. Can you mount two TV antennas together?

Yes, this is a common practice for getting a strong signal on both VHF and UHF frequencies. You can install two antennas in one hour if you have the appropriate equipment and skills.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, we don’t recall what it was like without omnidirectional antennas. There’s no need to climb to the roof to repair your antenna any longer.

You don’t have to worry about the image quality or poor audio with the best omnidirectional TV antenna. Manual antenna adjustments to achieve a better signal is no longer necessary. It’s time to invest in an Omnidirectional antenna that can provide you with continuous signal reception.

We found 1byone 360° Omnidirectional TV Antenna to be the ideal option.