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Best Dual CB Antenna of 2022 – Buying Guide

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There is a lot of false information about dual CB antennas. Some people think they are better than single antennas in every way; let’s dive into details and find out the real winner.

Truckers typically opt for dual CB antennas because they improve reception by reducing signal blind spots caused by the truck and trailer. While this comes at the expense of a shorter reach on both sides, it is generally worth it for most people.

However, that’s only a brief overview of the many benefits of dual CB antennas. We’ll go into details to find if twin antennas perform better, how long they should be in size, and more.

Do Dual CB Antennas Outperform Single Antennas?

Installing dual antennas is a good idea for a variety of reasons. Some truckers swear by them, claiming that they exceed single antennas in every manner. They’re not the only ones.

It’s easy to understand why people would do anything to improve their CB radio range, given that it’s an indispensable piece of equipment that keeps them from feeling isolated.

But the truth is far more complicated. Two of the most commonly cited benefits of twin antennas are their increased range and the fact that their signals are unaffected by interference.

Let’s take a look at each claim one at a time.

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More extended Range with Dual CB Antennas?

This is just partially accurate. Things don’t always behave as common sense would predict regarding range and radio frequency.

Dual CB antennas do not increase your signal range; rather, they alter the curve of your range depending on the height of your antennas and the power of your radio. This has to do with the electromagnetic interactions between radio and antennas, but we’ll keep it simple for the time being.

The practical effect of this is that your range in front and behind your truck is significantly increased, but your reach on either side of the truck is greatly reduced.

Dual antenna comes in an ellipse shape as opposed to a circle for a single antenna. There are many advantages to having two antennas on your vehicle—the most obvious of which is that you can have conversation with people in front and behind you while driving. The recommended distance is at least eight feet.

But if you’re on a survey team or working on a huge construction site, you’ll want to stick with a tall single antenna arrangement for maximum range.

Improved Reception with Dual CB Antennas

This one is correct. It is easy to block radio signals, including those from your trailer.

With two antennas, you’ll have fewer “blind areas” for your signal and less chance of it being obstructed. Thanks to its two antennas on either side, only a few signal sources are blocked by your trailer’s dual antennas.

Which Dual CB Antenna is the Best?

We have a fantastic recommendation for those of you who have decided to use a dual configuration.

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The Firestick FS-4 adjustable antennas are our top choice for dual CB antennas. A pair of these 4′ antennas can handle 900 Watts of power.

In addition to these features, Firestik antennas include:

  • A 4-7 mile operating range.
  • There are four color options available.
  • The “Easy-Tune” tip of the Firestik can be used to make modifications quickly.
  • A high-quality loading coil.

The antennas themselves do not include mounting hardware, studs, or coax cable, so be sure to stock up on those. Here’s what we think are the best options:

  • When it comes to studs, a set of Firestik K-4A studs will look great with your antennas and are just as high-quality.

Together, they make a fantastic dual CB arrangement. You won’t have to worry about dropping signals to the 6+ mile range, easy-to-tune antennas, and unbreakable studs and mounts.


You can decide whether dual CB antennas are suitable for you now that you know more about them.

A dual CB antenna is the best option for most truckers. It extends your signal’s range and prevents it from fading in most directions.

However, they aren’t magical and aren’t necessarily the greatest option for all people. If you are driving in areas where you need a 360-degree range, a single antenna may be the best option for your needs.