Best 2 meter mobile antenna

Top 5 Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews

Whether you’re a professional ham radio enthusiast or just an amateur, the best 2 Meter mobile antenna can make all the difference.

Not only will it help your transmission quality but also keep you safe during emergencies on the road. For example, your cellular network is always at risk of going up or down at any time and without warning. But with 2M mobile antennas, nothing will get in your way of staying connected to those friends you’ve made through ham radios to get things sorted out quickly!

All over the world, amateur ham radio enthusiasts can be found communicating with one another for free. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of these conversations in your area–and to not have to worry about pesky fees–it’s time that you invest in a high-quality dual-band antenna.

Below are our top 5 best 2-Meter mobile antenna reviews.


Product Name

Editor's Rating


Firestik 2MCKB 2-Meter Base Antenna

5 out of 5

VFAN Dual Band 2m 70cm Mobile Antenna

5 out of 5

FireStik 2 Meter 440 Mobile Antenna

4.5 out of 5

Advantages of Using a 2M Mobile Antenna

You might be wondering what a 2-meter mobile antenna’s purpose is. Well, this article will help you out! There are many benefits to owning one of these antennas for your ham radio at home or in the car, and it can really make all the difference when you’re trying to get through.

Do I need an extremely high-powered transmitter? No way – with a 2-meter mobile antenna, there should not be any problems getting back onto that desired channel on your radio as they have enough power behind them (just keep in mind if using a fixed station).

Stable Wireless Connectivity

2m mobile antenna wireless connectivity

Our cellular network is not the best when it comes to coverage. Crises such as storms and power cuts mean that internet access can be impossible, but ham radio proves a valuable device during these times too. It’s not only stable but also proves itself helpful during calamities and unpredictable situations alike as an invaluable device for getting weather updates or important en route pointers–even if all other communication channels are unavailable!

Improved Reception

Ham radios provide reliable connectivity even in the most remote areas. Unless your radio or antenna is damaged, you will never lose reception from stations and repeaters. This is why we suggest that all campers install a suitable 2-meter mobile antenna on their vehicle when they head off to live in locations where cellular service isn’t available or has limited coverage areas like mountainsides that have dense tree cover blocking signals.

Support VHF and UHF Channels


A 2-meter dual-band antenna can receive UHF and VHF signals, but what does that really mean?

It means you get a better range on your signal when using this type of antenna. It’s much more useful for general purposes than antennas with other specific frequencies because the frequency bands are tuned to serve many needs at once. A regular single band antenna can only pick up one signal frequency, but you can access more frequencies with a dual-band. This also means less chance of an interruption.

For example, UHF antennas are the right choice if you need to transmit signals indoors or nearby. If your goal with an antenna is long-distance transmission over compressed areas of space, then VHF would be better suited because they have shorter wavelengths than their counterparts in the UHF range. A dual-band antenna will work well for both types of transmissions, so it’s not necessary to buy two different ones!

Our Top 5 Best 2-Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which dual-band antenna to buy, these top five should help.

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#1. Firestik 2MCKB 2-Meter Base Antenna

  • 2 Meter (144-148MHz) Base Antenna

  • Solid Fiberglass Wound

  • 6 dBi 5/8 Wave Design

With the Firestik 2MCKB, you can enjoy crystal clear reception in your home or car. Mounted on a mast, this is one of the best 2-meter antennas as it also lets you boost signals from 40 miles away–even if there’s no repeater nearby!

It was a stormy day when we traversed the 75 mph meter on our way back from New York. The antenna that had been so reliable for us over time fell victim to mother nature and snapped in two as soon as it hit one of those gusts head-ons. But not once did the Firestik give up its steadfastness through thick and thin.

You could say this best mobile antenna is made tough enough to withstand any forecast! We also liked how this product is lightweight yet durable due to its fiberglass construction with copper wire inside (45 inches long). It’s only 49″ tall at a top height which makes assembly easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Inside the box, you also get four ⅛ “×1/2″ ×20” aluminum radials drilled specially for it so your connection will be better than ever before! But wait- there’s more! The dual-band feature allows this device to support flat terrain and hilly tracks, giving it an advantage over regular 3-dBi mobile antennas.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Fiberglass structure with 19-gauge copper wire that is well insulated for improved reception
  • The medium-gain antenna works well in both mountainous and flat areas.
  • All essential mounting tools are included.
  • In extreme weather events, this mast-mounted dual-band antenna outperforms magnetic base antennas.
  • PVC tubing with UV stabilization protects hardware from the elements

#2. VFAN Dual Band 2m 70cm Mobile Antenna

  • Omni-Directional Dual-Band VHF & UHF

  • Frequency: 137-149 - 437-480 Mhz

  • Antenna Gain 2dBi - 3dBi

The VFAN 18 inch Dual Band Mobile Antenna is our second pick for the best 2M mobile antenna because there’s minimal maintenance required on your end once it has been clamped onto a roof! The setup process consists solely of clamping to your car roof, allowing both UHF (437-480 MHz) and VHF (137-149 MHz) channels through.

This 2M mobile antenna has a 10 foot RG58 cable, enables you to install it on any vehicle.

It tightens magnetically onto your roof so that heavy winds or rain won’t shake it off! And if there’s ever an emergency where the external antenna would fall of – like driving in narrow passages or through tunnels – don’t worry because this one is built to stay put.

This waterproof and robust antenna is among the best 2M 70cm mobile antenna so that it can withstand high winds and snow without any problem. And those antifreeze components are perfect for handling cold weather conditions too! They hold up nicely during wintertime.

What sets it apart is that it features 3 decibels of gain that can be paired with your handheld radios! It’s perfect to pair with an SMA female adapter so you can get all those important messages through clear as day (or night).

Highlights and Key Features

  • The antenna is weatherproof, and antifreeze technology protects it from severe rain and snow.
  • Its omnidirectional design allows you to alter the direction of the antenna for improved reception.
  • The magnetic base is robust enough to endure bumps and wind.
  • A 10-foot length of high-quality RG58 cable ensures clear audio quality.

#3. FireStik 2 Meter 440 Mobile Antenna

  • SWR 1.5 to 1 over 4 MHz

  • Length: 48.2-Inches

  • Power Rating: 400 watts AM

FireStik’s 2-meter antenna is an excellent choice for those with a CB antenna background as this one has a similar build quality. Forty-eight inches of ultra-strong fiberglass creates the maximum performance output you would expect from this brand.

The Firestik is not just another whip or telescopic antenna: It boasts a high quality and durability unheard of in other similar products on the market today.

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If you’re someone who wants nothing but top-caliber equipment when building your ham radio setup, then look no further than these bad boys!

You can now hear your favorite radio station in crystal clear audio with this simple antenna setup. To connect the portable radio to the antenna, you just need a 50-ohm coax cable and a PL-259 male adapter, followed by an SMA female connector.

This FireStik antenna has been designed to be the perfect fit for your truck. The ⅜ “×24 TPI threads are compatible with most of today’s mount options, making it a seamless installation without having any worries about compatibility.

The antenna comes with an RG58 coax cable that is 18 feet long. But if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of removing the antenna when going through car washes, then you can use an alternative 6-inch magnetic mount for easy removal.

Highlights and Key Features

  • Its reception is improved by the use of a double-insulated, 19-gauge copper wire.
  • Its 48.2-inch length allows you to adjust the antenna to the size you desire.
  • You can use it in Cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.
  • It is compatible with any CB antenna mount that has ⅜ “×24 TPI threads.

#4. HYS TC-HC152V 2-Meter NMO Antenna

  • Antenna Gain: 2.5 dBi

  • Maximum Power Input: 150W

  • 136-174Mhz NMO Antenna

HYS Store has an affordable, versatile antenna that you can use for both high and low-frequency communications.

The HYS 136-174 MHz VHF Antenna is a dual-band so that it will work with most radios on the market today!

It also has a 2.5 dB gain, making it perfect in hilly terrains where other antennas have difficulty picking up signals.

Higher gain antennas will do better when driving on flat terrain since they can transmit signals farther from an installation location.

We recommend HYS mobile antenna because its NMO mount has a waterproof gasket which prevents this type of antenna from rusting both inside and outside.

This 2M mobile antenna is a two-in-one antenna that supports both magnetic and drilled installations. You can also use this easy to install mount for other dual-band antennas. This antenna also enables you to tune into the railroad and police bands in your area.

Highlights and Key Features

  • The low-gain antenna (2.5 dBi) is best suited to mountainous terrain rather than level roads.
  • To avoid corrosion, the NMO antenna mount boasts a high waterproof design.
  • The 17.8-inch antenna length is ideal for improved reception quality.
  • You can mount using a magnetic or drilled option.
  • Compatible with any 2-meter dual-band radio.

#5. Comet SBB-5NMO 2M/70cm Dual Band Mobile Antenna

  • Dualband 2M Mobile Antenna

  • Maximum Power Input: 120W

  • NMO Mount Antenna

Receiving more precise signals is just a matter of connecting with the Comet SBB-5NMO antenna. This NMO mobile antenna is among the best 2M 70cm antenna with easy connection by way of its industry-standard “N” mount, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite radio programs without any annoying static or interference thanks to this long 38-inch antenna’s range capability that boosts reception power like never before.

Ham radio fans have a terrible time because their truck’s stock antenna is not doing its job. Luckily, this NMO-mount car antenna brings all the fun of transmission to life for ham enthusiasts.

When it comes to ham radios, there are specific frequency ranges for all of them. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then Comet SBB-5NMO is just the ticket and one of the best 2-meter base antennas. It amps up signal reception and enhances power so much that even distant stations come in crystal clear.

This antenna is the perfect accessory for any car! It’s made of lightweight, durable material that can be folded to avoid getting bent or damaged in a low-height parking deck.

Highlights and Key Features

  • A 38-inch dual-band antenna with a foldable design allows easy access to low-height places.
  • This NMO mount antenna is ideal for magnetic bases and coaxes cable connections.
  • SWR reading that is satisfactory in all-terrain situations.
  • Ideal for long-distance communication.
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Things to Look for Before Buying a 2 Meter Antenna


A 2-meter mobile antenna can help keep up with all types of news and updates when you’re on the go. Although they may look similar to one another, there are differences between each kind that make them unique for specific reasons!

However, you should know how to identify a good-quality antenna. For your convenience, we’ve already done the legwork for you.


As basic and straightforward as antennas may appear, they are actually a lot more technical than you would imagine. In the case of metal whips and fiberglass antennas, the fiberglass antennas are the clear winner in every way. Compared to other antennas, fiberglass antennas may reduce static by up to 50% and have a considerably lower noise level.

Although if they are the same size, antennas with various core materials can have highly varied conductivity and reception.

Basically, we’re arguing that fiberglass antennas are superior to other types of antennas. You can choose from several antenna gain parameters and low-height profiles that allow you to receive the signal better.

You’ll get the best value for money if you choose Firestik 2MCKB, as it is the best 2M mobile antenna. You’ll have the greatest fun with ham radio as this package comes with a 19-gauge copper wire.

Magnetic Mount VS NMO Mount


“The New Motorola Mount” (NMO) refers to a fixed through-hole method for mounting a dual-band antenna in your vehicle.

In addition, it’s easy to understand the magnetic mount. Your car antenna does not need to be soldered on. The antenna’s magnetic base adheres to the chassis’ metallic surface via a magnet. Because of this, you may take it off at any moment and put it back on.

There is no apparent victor between the two, as both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to receiving most UHF and VHF bands, the difference between the two mounting types is minimal.

For those of you who don’t want to drill a lasting hole in your truck’s hood, we recommend the VFAN dual-band antenna.

Antenna Gain


You may read about antenna gain in any electromagnetics textbook. Follow our guidelines below for a fast knowledge of the gain of your dual-band antenna before buying one.

As a result of its high gain, the antenna compresses the waves into a narrow pattern that may travel a wider area away from the broadcasting station.

Decompressed radiation is sent over a short distance with a high signal intensity when the antenna gain is low. Particularly beneficial in steep terrain where altitude and barriers are involved.

On the contrary, if you’re on flat ground and the transmitters are further apart, a high gain radio antenna might be quite beneficial. Ideally, the radio signal would reach a greater distance in this situation. Antennas having a gain of 5 to 7 dBi are classified as medium-gain.

Antenna Length

Better reception is the result of longer antennas, both conceptually and operationally. For metal whips, this is especially the case. Because of this reason, we install residential antennas on high masts that extend further up the roof.

Reception is also influenced by the antenna material, copper gauge count, and mounting. To start better, get a large antenna and then cut it down to the appropriate size.


For emergency communication and transmission, dual-band antennas are essential. The best 2M mobile antenna pulls both VHF and UHF bands simultaneously, allowing your ham radio transmissions to reach long distances.

We tested several dual-band antennas for this article and chose only the best five.

Even yet, with a 10-foot RG58 wire and PL-259 connection, VFAN’s fiberglass antenna is unmatched in the race of best 2M mobile antennas.

With its antifreeze and waterproof technology, this omnidirectional antenna is a shining illustration of the capabilities of a magnetic mount antenna. If you want a coaxial cable mount, Firestik 2MCKB is a close alternative.